Virtue Sniveling is NOT a Good Look (Caution: NSFCucks)

This kind of stuff must be a gray hair, plutocrat “normie” thing?

OK, Boomer. 🙄

You know, one would be led to believe that our still getting their paychecks Republican Nancy-boys would have figured out all this “cruel as it is illogical” crap by now with the absolute corn-holing Big Gretch gave them on the budget, right?


Would you believe they actually boasted, “Big Gretch won’t corn-hole us again, we trust her. Here’s more power, Dear Leader!”

This Tweet aged real well, yes?

Yannow, there once was a time when I held the belief that anyone who was elected into office must have a little something on the ball with something substantial between their ears. My God, was I ever so wrong about that. As the years, no, make that decades that have passed, it became more clear that a good majority of our elected representation are perhaps the dumbest creatures to have ever shat between a pair of feet.

Frankly, it wasn’t until one Man stepped forward and began picking off all the mealymouthed, politically correct, Republican losers – one by one – that the blinders fell completely off.

Sadly, we still have not anything resembling our Republican President’s leadership in our State Capitol, and they control both chambers!

It just boggles the mind how the House and Senate, are consistently outflanked, outmaneuvered, and frankly, played as a bunch of Shemps time after time by an obese, beer-swilling, narcissistic, radical Left schoolmarm.

If this post hurts Team R’s feelings and delicate sensibilities in Lansing, then change our minds, our opinions and, most importantly, stop making life even more difficult on the good people of Michigan.

Gesta non verba

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