Thursday’s RealTalk Conversation in The Mitten

Corporate citizenship.

But first, Sean Egan, how was the outcome from your herpes tests?

We double dare any business in Michigan to enforce the lie Big Gretch has imposed on us citizens. Everyone has choices to make so, don’t bitch when making bad ones, and end up on blast.
Bullshit talks, money walks. Never forget that power of the pocketbook. will never forget.

Truth. Corporatocracy beware.

H/t Kenny

Oh! And one more thing… it is noted that shitlib Melissa Nann Burke at Detroit Fake News is trying to rally support for trust fund cucks Fred Upton, and Peter Meijer, of which, all can go piss up a rope. Both lame-ass Boomer Freddy that’s been a Swamp creature since Reagan was in office and, RubiCon twat millennial Petergotta go.


You Betcha! (14)Nuh Uh.(2)

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