Wuhan Whitmer is NOT Amused

Just when you think 2020 in Michigan couldn’t get more strange, well, SURPRISE!

Attorney General Dana Nessel will no longer enforce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Friday that one of the laws underpinning the orders was unconstitutional.

Further, the language of the order, clearly calling all orders issued after April 30 to be unconstitutional seems to support immediate effect.

Nessel’s office on Sunday made clear the department “will no longer enforce the governor’s executive orders through criminal prosecution.”

Imagine that… Dana is taking the SCOMI issued “L” like a man. Reckon that’s why she has a wife.

But I digress.

So, does all this illegality dating back to April 30 come to an end with the Whitmer administration?

Oh, hell no. Wuhan Whitmer is having conniption fits over those pesky damn Rule of Law justices on the SCOMI.

Whitmer said the Supreme Court “undermined” her emergency powers “on a slim majority Republican vote,” noting it was ironic that the decision came the same day President Donald Trump was admitted to the hospital with coronavirus.

“Michiganders have an opportunity to weigh in on our Supreme Court on this Nov. 3 ballot,” Whitmer said.

Yep, and because temper tantrum Gretchen just declared the Democrats sitting on the bench as nothing more than political operatives, Michiganians will vote for Mary Kelly, and Brock Swartzle in droves along with voting for President Trump, and John James.

Frankly, nothing could be better for any Republican on the ballot this year than having Wuhan Whitmer carrying on with her appointed lawless lunacy.

State regulators say citations they’ve issued to businesses for non-compliance with COVID-19 rules will not be rescinded, even in light of a Michigan Supreme Court decision upending Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders back to April 30.

What’s more, employers must still comply with workplace safety protocol provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public health guidance and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, said Sean Egan, director of COVID-19 Workplace Safety.

There you have it: Law and Order be damned. So, what’s a Sean Egan? Well, he is this Jack-o’-lantern toothed IBEW union toady Wuhan Whitmer appointed to jackboot her radical Democrat enforcement regime upon Michigan job providers. Bottom line, when it comes to MIOSHA we all know that department is crooked as hell.

The Detroit Police Department and Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office declared it an accident. So did a longtime inspector at the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). But MIOSHA overruled its own inspector, ousted him, destroyed his handwritten notes, and declared the death a suicide, according to an investigative report in The Detroit Free Press.

Questions by the Free Press prompted Nessel and the Labor Department to review MIOSHA’s handling of the case. Safety experts also raised “questions about whether regulators are putting big business ahead of Michigan workers,” wrote Free Press investigative reporter Jennifer Dixon.

The cause of death is a big deal because an accident can increase the costs of workers’ comp, other insurance, and performance and payment bonds.

Morrison’s widow, Lynne Morrison, is trying to collect workers’ comp death benefits, but the suspicious ruling is standing in her way.

Her attorney, Joel Alpert, called MIOSHA’s handling of the case “perplexing but not surprising.”

Ta-da: another unelected career bureaucrat is going to carry out Big Gretch’s unconstitutional agenda.

Fact: 17 months later do you see any action from the AG on this despicable department? No? Perhaps, now most will understand why Nasty Nessel so willingly took the SCOMI issued “L” instead of behaving like her typical sleazy lawyer self.

They all belong in jail.

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  1. N
    October 5, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    Sean Egan has no power.
    He has been deemed NON-ESSENTIAL.
    Sean Egan was appointed by Whitmer through Executive Order.
    The same Executive Order deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the Michigan Supreme Court
    Sean Egan can claim whatever he wants but as of last Friday, he is operating
    Here's the EO with his appointment by Whitmer:

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