Well, Would You Look at That. . .

Does it surprise readers here at RM? It shouldn’t because it was pointed out that Whitmer’s crooked MIOSHA is headed by Sean Egan (COVIDologist) and, Bart Pickelman (Suicideologist). So, bogus flu bug numbers and firing people who don’t play along with MIOSHA chief’s agendas naturally goes hand in hand with Michigan Democrats election interference game.

After all, when you have the Deputy Director of the Michigan Democrats Party working for Dominion Voting Systems and involved with a $25M State contract…

BREAKING: Former Dominion Project Manager Who Helped Execute $25 Million Contract With State Of MI Was Democrat Mayor At Same Time

So yes, I agree with B. Roubal, this is a “Shit Show.” One gigantic organized criminal Democrat shit show and, people need to be arrested- starting at the top.

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    November 17, 2020 at 6:09 pm

    Question begged: Why would the state enter into a contract with the CIA? Why would Gretch meet with CSIS-NATO and former Canadian Liason to NATO Flood? Was that $25Mil to pay for the influx of Obiden voted ballots? Why is the state buying ballots--should that be up to the local municipalities?

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