Here Comes the BIG SCARE

Boy, the desperation is getting thick within the Ineptocracy that is Lansing, and D.C.

The Federal Highway Trust Fund, which accounts for nearly one-third of the state’s transportation budget, made about $1 billion available to Michigan in 2013. That’s 8 percent less than five years earlier and 15 percent less when adjusted for inflation, according to figures compiled by The Associated Press.

AutoBailoutVisitSo, where the Hell were Senators Levin, and Stabenow? Why did they allow our state to flounder while their man Harry Reid, was in charge? $3 Trillion?

The funding that generally comes from federal gasoline and diesel taxes was up 20 percent over a decade but down 5 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars [happens when .FEDGOV prints money].

The AP analysis also shows that Michigan ranked seventh-lowest among states in per-capita federal transportation funding in 2013 and second-lowest in per-capita overall spending on highways, roads and bridges [why is that?]. Only Georgia spent less per capita.

The same problem that has left the Highway Trust Fund teetering with insolvency [snip]

Go figure. Can you imagine why the Highway Trust Fund is insolvent? Remember, there’s 535 of them all doing the same thing.

is vexing Michigan — people drive less and with more fuel-efficient vehicles while paying per-gallon gas taxes unchanged for two decades. For the last four years, Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers have had to divert money from the general fund [snip]

Call it what it is. The diversion or, *stolen* money is a replacement, and an additional tax mostly because a Granholm era boob running MDOT is unaccountable for infrastructure spending, and frivolous railroad schemesmore here – among other wasteful nomenclature frills. Seriously, MDOT has been a documented rogue agency since at least 2006 (yes, guess who?), which oddly enough has ample resources for making videos. Try doing that in the private sector and one would be out of business or, fired, and sued for criminal and/or civil damages.

to ensure the state receives its matching federal transportation money because traditional revenue sources — state fuel taxes and vehicle registration taxes — are lower or stagnant.

Registration taxes are drying up? Well, gee, go figure what happens when Lansing’s Republican Majority loots what isn’t theirs. Went after pensions when it wasn’t necessary? Instantly $10,000,000,000+ flew the coop. Broke the 2007, promise by raising the State Income Tax, which they applied to those pensions. Those two raids alone stole money from folks who have decided to put off vehicle purchases, especially, the retirees who got plundered by Snyder. Look, it ain’t the undischargable student loan debt-slave Millennials who have money. Hell, they can’t even figure out that when borrowing for higher education it effects tuition rates to rise (another cluster**** conversation for another time).

Back on-point.

Seen Mr. Pragmatics Nolan’s ScArY “vote YES” propaganda?

Backers of a ballot proposal to raise the state sales tax to fix roads believe they have found a path to passage.

It is admittedly narrow. But after interviewing voters and conferring with campaign strategists, they think the message that will push this over the top is “Safer Roads — Guaranteed!”

Well, we informed readers are smart enough to know how Lansing honors “guarantees,” yes? Just like Lansing handles their warranty work.

STOP-167There’s another message Prop 1’s backers should consider, one that might be extremely effective in moving voters who understand Michigan’s roads are dismal and dangerous, but aren’t crazy about how this plan is structured. That’s to remind skeptics that it’s this or nothing.

If Prop. 1 fails, “There is no Plan B,” Gov. Rick Snyder said last week. “We go back to square one, or really to negative square one.”

Negative square one? That is a lie. Do not believe this phony weasel for one moment. A portion of “Plan B” is already in place if one has not forgot the lame duck Online Shakedown scheme. So, we shoot ourselves in the foot again by raising the sales tax 16.7% on purchases that wasn’t taxed before? That’d be frilliant. And, before it starts with all the booger eaters who like to claim it’s “enforcement” and “not a tax” crap – GFY. Either one is pregnant or they are not – they birthed a new tax.

Snyder_54B_budgetBottom line. Here’s the problem with those like Snyder, who lie and manipulate to get their way. Sooner or later their bullsh!t catches up with them. Doubt it? Click here for Snyder’s numbers, and go verify the figures yourself. Matter of fact, Snyder didn’t even carry the percentage that “Heavenly Mother” did yesterday. Snyder only won 50.9% of the vote in 2014. That’s what Snyder/Calley are counting on May 5th.

Besides, when it comes to the Lansing Republican Majority’s big Pay-to-Play spending and thirsty taxoholic ways, even SCOMI can’t make Team R honor their word. Should be an insight for the business world of what’s coming on all those crony capitalism Corporate Welfare credits.

The nerdy CEO *genius* CPA’s Snydernomics is FUBAR.

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  1. Cathy
    February 23, 2015 at 11:19 am

    Thanks for the article. Especially liked the stat of spending increase even though republicans claim a vote for them means less spending. Keep up the good work!

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