Click-it or Money-Grab “laws” Often Effect Such Hostility

Oh noes! It’s the great “bleed out” of 2015.

Remember back in 1985, when this was never to be used as a device to stop you for revenue? I do. This garbage started as a Secondary Offense. Today, the ‘bleed out” is written expressly for the purpose to make a grant-gamed, quick shakedown buck with occasional extra perks.

However, the Thin Blue Line sure do get their panties in a bunch, don’t they? So, who is forcing any of them to become LEO? Nobody. Does anybody ever see LEO lobbying our Lansingcritters to get rid of such money-grab “laws” as Click-it or Ticket? Hell no. Actually, LEO is behind most of our invasive quick-buck “laws” because they’re the departmental arm who provide Tough On Crimecampaign propaganda for our Lansingcritters as well as elected Municritters. Perhaps, the alleged doctor should’ve directed some of his frustration there, too.

Frankly put, Haddad needs to STFU, and quit being such a whiny li’l bitch, because as we all know, Officer Safety often tells lies and/or shoots pets, especially, if there’s a Reserve Note involved for a State government $74+ Billion in the hole.

Ps. Mrs. Russell, go find something better to do with your life other than playing sensationalized “gotchya games” with Private Citizen’s employment because your daddy was Redford Po-po. WXYZ should know better than to air such crap. Seriously, some dude rationalizing a hypothetical scenario when he’s frustrated with a frivolous money-grab stop is a whole world of difference from when LEO loses their shit.

OABTW, Wagner never lost his job, did he? Nope.

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  1. September 9, 2015 at 9:01 am

    Click-it or Ticket is the most in-your-face taxpayer paid-for demonstration of force that has ever been presented as "we're looking out for you" that has ever existed.

    The idiots in our legislature who allowed it and lied to our faces about it not becoming a primary offense are little changed in today's lawmaking environment. Where is the effort to repeal such nonsense?

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    • KG One
      September 9, 2015 at 2:09 pm


      We have the not-ready-for-primetime players in Lansing who "inexplicably" cannot set budget priorities, but enjoy use things like the C-G diversion as a smokescreen to make yet another go around to pick our pockets.

      I can save you the time and tell you exactly how the Grand Poobahs in Lansing will respond to any call for repeal.

      You will hear (pick your favorite):

      a.) "If we repeal the primary infraction seat belt law, not only would we be losing that revenue stream, but we will loose federal revenue for roads that is also tied into that as well. Where will we find an alternate source of revenue to make up for that shortfall?"

      If they pretend to be a conservative (instead honestly admitting to be one of the boot-licking hacks most of them truly are), you may get asked where should they cut from the budget. They are slowly getting up to speed that the "budget cuts" tactic isn't a good a question to lead with so they'll most likely stick with the former.

      b.) "Primary seat belt enforcement has allowed us to take dangerous individuals off of the road." They will cite the "scary looking" guns that Chief Barbrady of the Dearborn PD paraded out in that little mea cupla presser seen exclusively on Channel 7.

      With that kind of thinking, just imagine what doing away with that troublesome Fourth Amendment altogether can accomplish?

      c.) "If we save only one life, then it will all be worth it."

      So will banning cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, boats and just plain locking people up in their very own homes for their own safety...but let's not go there (yet).

      d.) "Liberty...what's that?!?"

      That been said, any repeal is unlikely with the current batch of republicans running around Lansing.

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