Does EMU Have a Guilty Conscience?

Ivory Tower Finances in Michigan: No Pocket Left Unpicked, Other People's Crumbs for the Students!

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In June, the EMU Board of Regents unanimously voted a 7.8% increase in tuition for students. Their new tuition rate for Michigan residents is $ 10,417.00 per year. This $ 754.00 annual increase – about four times the rate of inflation – was justified on the grounds that EMU’s tuition was thirteenth among Michigan’s major public universities. Its not like EMU’s past tuition increases had been held below the rate of inflation, its just that they had been more circumspect about raping forcing their students into perpetual debt slavery.

EMU specializes in disciplines which don’t command especially high wages, but they do generally qualify for our fearless leader’s Income Driven Repayment (IDR) debt forgiveness plans. So the EMU President and Regents probably figure that it is long past time time to tap the federal taxpayers for their grand delusions ambitions through their victims students. Who would notice a few millions more in delinquencies in a program which already has $ 187 billion in delinquencies?

Sort of a “We’re the third smallest pig in the sty and we need to fatten up” logic. Evidently the past president of EMU was too busy tipping the wine bottle to relentlessly advance tuition scalping at the exalted rate of EMU’s peer institutions. Their new interim President, Kim Schatzel, and the EMU Regents have no such distractions.FoodPantryBox-thumb4

To complete this despicable fraud, today we found out that EMU opened a campus food bank to assist starving students. No mention anywhere that this externalized generosity (food being provided by well meaning patsies, not EMU) would not be needed if the students were allowed to keep the $ 754.00 that this year’s tuition hike is costing them. $ 84.00 per month buys a lot of groceries.

You have to love the devious financial logic of our intellectual superiors in the Ivory Towers: No pocket left unpicked! The contempt of our Ivory Towers for their victims students is breathtaking.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    September 8, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    I don't see anyone holding a gun to anyone's head forcing Precious Snowflakes™ to attend those Marxist indoctrination sh!tholes (yes, they are Marxist indoctrination), do you?

    Frankly put, being stupid should be undischargeable loan-debt painful.

    So What Part of 'Stupid' Did You Miss?


    Stephanie Ritter, a 26-year-old Florida State University alum, has listed her diploma on eBay for the staggering sum to cover the 'actual cost' of attending the school.

    Now $40,000 in debt and living in Southern California, Stephanie is fed up with being unable to find a job in her field, despite having a Bachelor's degree - so she's come up with a drastic solution to pay off her loans and 'validate my use of time between 2007-2011'.

    She took $40,000 in debt to study.... theater.

    Seriously. Theater.

    What did she think she was going to do with that degree that was worth the money?

    This, in the end, is the problem -- universities and other "higher educational" institutions, including High Schools for that matter, that push people to get a degree -- any degree. What's missing from that discussion is any sort of honest examination of the degree itself and what it does for your earnings potential.

    An utterly huge percentage of "degrees" today are worth exactly zero. Most humanities degrees are in this realm; "sociology", "woman's studies", "african-american studies" and similar "fields" are simply worth zero.

    So where did she get this idea from? Let me guess: Her parents and/or High School?

    Here's my suggestion: If you encourage someone -- or fail to warn them, having a position of authority (such as a parent, high school counselor or similar) in regard to such a person who is not yet an adult to go chase such a "dream" while going into debt, you should be forced to cover it with your retirement funds so you get to go live in a refrigerator box under a freeway overpass.

    And if you don't have it? Then said student should eat you.

    Exactly. Now, to the meat and potatoes of all the Big ED propaganda bullsh!t:

    Last year we had gains in goods-producing employment for August. This year we lost jobs in that category across the board,, with two minor exceptions - construction which was roughly flat (compared to a robust increase last year) and automobile-related (up slightly compared to last year.) All other sub-categories were job losers.

    What did gain? Service providing -- specifically, health care (which is bankrupting us) and hospitality (we'll see what next month looks like, as August is the end of the summer months of course.)

    Government was also up big, compared with basically flat last year.

    Weekly hours ticked up a tenth.

    The troublesome pattern in who is getting hired, however, is continuing. If you have a High School diploma you gained in terms of labor participation. There was, however, no gain for those with some college or a degree.

    In other words the gains continue to happen, on-balance, in lower-skilled no-degree-required positions -- which are also lower paid.

    In addition, and this is deeply troubling, the only group among non-disabled persons who had a participation rate increase on a comparative basis were seniors 65 and over. Non-disabled persons among both men and women younger than 65 lost jobs on a participation-rate basis.


    It ain't you natural born dummies who they're hiring:

    Why would any business/corporation in this nation take on the Natural born American when there's an automatic ObamaCare disadvantage for the American as opposed to them hiring an H-1B Visa:

    And, those H-1B Visas are undercutting wages by $30,000/year so, one may as well wipe their ass with a STEM degree, especially, if one isn't aware of the L-1 Visa.

    Folks really need to sharpen up and come to the realization that both Party's political whores are screwing them - hard:

    Ps. if you ain't got the time to read any of the above, then don't come bitching to me about how hard you all are being f***** over.

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