So much for the RTW/FTW Law, huh?

Pusillanimous, who apparently has now decided to punt to voters too, has its followers, and its name is… Prevailing Wage.

Other great moments of courage in Michigan Chamber of Commerce history?

Oops. It may be a good time for the businesses to demand a refund on their memberships. When folks finally figure out how badly they are being screwed by union special interest inflating construction costs, and the fact that this ballot proposal is really little more than a MEA endorsed Constitutionally amended spending bill in disguise, they may be just a little more than inclined to spend their money at businesses who are not a Michigan Chamber of Commerce member.

I know I will take my money elsewhere, and encourage many others to do the same if, Mr. Studley does not soon speak out strongly against this 16.7% Sales Tax hike.

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  1. JD
    December 21, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Chairperson of The Board, CEO, President and Owner of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce:
    ...apparently, previous 'appointments' are more important than previous 'policy' at the very peak of Chamber leadership:,4668,7-277-57577_57657-321597--,00.html

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