Neither Spine nor Acumen ye Have

What is there to review, Mr. I was allegedly against it before I was beholden*? It is a Constitutionally amended spending bill clandestinely crafted by, Rick Snyder and Democrats toeing the MEA line, which if approved, will raise our sales tax 16.7%. The end.

If this were anything about fixing roads, then the House approved that before the advent of Rick Snyder’s One Penny Jenny Plan.


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  1. Tim Bos
    December 23, 2014 at 10:53 am

    Fact: The french Republican-controlled state government raised the annual budget and started spending an additional $3.7 Billion/yr. on 10/1/14.

    Fact: Despite complete and utter awareness of the $1.2 Billion/yr additional road funding elephant in the room, it was intentionally and deliberately ignored- and thus not solved, and consequently excluded, from the increase in state spending.

    FACT: The GOP in general, and the MiGOP in particular, is nothing more than a progressive party controlled and populated with yesteryear's Democrats, and funded by shape-shifter Rich Studley and his Mi Chamber of Crony Capitalism.

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