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For me, Twitter has become entertainment in its ability to rapidly convey snark. Do not misunderstand what Twitter is – it’s a powerful promotional tool but, for the most part it remains a pebble to cast potshots. Much can be said the same about Facebook in its circles of *friends* and *likes* which can be purchased. What’s the old rule? Paper always beats rock or, in this case – pebbles. This is why blogs will always reign supreme over the two aforementioned medias in the vastness a blog has ability to cover. Well, that, and I enjoy a healthy dose of snark as much as anyone else so, those with a Revolutionary bent for a cradle-to-grave government overreach mentality… perhaps, there’s old vacancies in Cuba waiting for you, Rep. Dillon?

And, oh why lookie here…

It’s a Tool clenching a useful tool – a firearm.


Good thing that sweater is not a turtleneck or, I’d make a circumcision joke at this point. But, that’s not the real tool. The real tools are the useful idiots who sent the *honorable* Rep. Dillon to Lansing. So, what remains for those with Progressive *intellect* and a strong case of Courser Derangement Syndrome? As predictable as the sun rising in the East, try to marginalize ones faith and our Natural Rights by the injection of race into every issue.

Even if he is a perfect fit, the people of his district should be confronted with the reality of what they are. This is African child soldier shit here.

{Facepalm} It must be torture to reside in a barren bleat Among the Trees of a cognitive dissonance plantation. Nevertheless, I shall not go too hard on one who frequently demonstrates over there to yonder Left where said individual chose to allow public schooling to stunt his education. Tolerance, diversity, and all that other professed Progressive stuff, right? Ya, it’s a dense forest.


Doesn’t Mr. Courser Representative-elect Courser, have a beautiful family? I think so. I’m not sure if this will ever be viewed by Rep-elect Courser but, it matters little. My point has been made and more importantly, our state legislature just got a good Man sent to it. Anyhow, I’d just like to wish him and his family a very Merry Christmas.

God bless.

Ps. please do visit Rep. Dillon’s Facebook page, and take in the comments, as suspicion says, if Rep. Dillon has a shred of dignity, his page and/or the comments obviously endorsed by him may well be taken down. Then again… #Primping

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