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Milford, you Still Have a Problem

Fantastic outcome for our veterans. This should have never happened.

Now, would any care to make a gentleman’s wager that had the weapon been an AK instead of AR in style, the politically correct members on Village Council would have been less inclined to raise said issue, which might be viewed as less offensive to their Camp Dearborn visitors?

You think about that

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Milford, we Have a Problem

Decades ago, I grew up not but a stone throw away from Milford, and it’s obvious that citiot mentality has infiltrated rural Oakland County government.

You know what to do, folks.

Email the Council as a group at villagecouncil@villageofmilford.org or, email them individually as follows:

Council President
Jerry Aubry (248-672-8657) jerryaubry@villageofmilford.org

Council President Pro-tem
James Kovach (248-207-8455) jimkovach@villageofmilford.org

Council Members
Elizabeth Heer elizabethheer@villageofmilford.org

Kevin Ziegler kevinziegler@villageofmilford.org

Jennifer Frankford (248-787-6006) jenniferfrankford@villageofmilford.org

David Pehrson dpehrson@villageofmilford.org

Thomas Nader thomasnader@villageofmilford.org

Light ’em up.

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Sen. Jones is on a Roll

As if it wasn’t just a few days ago we here at RightMi.com learned of Sen. Rick Jones creating carve-outs for his fellow retired LEO brethren. Today, we learn that Sen. Jones has taken it upon himself to gift a little extra in the till to those beloved public sector retirees in Schuette’s Office.

Hinky_Bill2015 Senate Bill 12: Allow pension double-dipping by “retired” Attorney General employees

Yes, unanimous vote so, it must meet Lansing’s bifarceisan two-party standard. Still have doubts about the legalese jihadi cabal ruling supreme? Just look no further than their former revenue recruiting LEO who champions a wallet lining statute.

Makes one wonder if it’s an old prosecutor’s office bootlicking reflex or, just riding out of office in a payola bang?

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All the King’s Horsemen

And all the king‘s men

Wouldn’t put our Constitution together again.

shiny-badges-privilegeregular citizens

Just another way our Elected Elite provides for their unionized protectors to seek pathways of supplemental income in their retirements.

Sen. Jones, you’re only as good as your last attaboy. Your village called, again.

Matter of fact, RightMi.com’s phone has been ringing a lot lately asking if we’ve seen him and his peers.

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Throwback Thursday

“or against internal attempt to seize power”

Yep. That’s where the Ruling Class hypocrites soil themselves. Frankly put, if one was not born before 1934, then one does not know, nor truly understand what America was. Thomas J. Dodd? Go figure. The one who has been censured… then along came, Chris and The Floater™.

As usual, Mary Jo is unavailable for comment.

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