Snyder’s People Really do Struggle to Keep Their Lies Straight

Check out the latest installment from MediaNews Group who appears to have taken on a pro Prop 1 slant.

McLellan_Mac_Cen_Vote_Yes_man-behind-the-sceneWith one week until the special statewide election next Tuesday, the Safe Roads Yes ballot campaign is deploying teams of volunteers to call voters and track down unreturned absentee ballots over the proposed constitutional amendment linked to boosting road funding $1.2 billion annually [No it DOES NOT. That is disinformation, Chad.]. The campaign wouldn’t divulge who will be on the bus. [maybe an AFSCME stooge?]

“I don’t care what side you’re on, everyone agrees Michigan’s roads have gone from bad to worse, and they’ve got to get fixed,” said Roger Martin, spokesman for the Safe Roads Yes campaign.

“It is the only solution before us.”

That so, Roger? Your boss doesn’t think so.

You know, it’s become typical of these creeps who get elected to office. They always start believing the lies they spin and overload their asses.

Some of us out here do have memories, you know?STOP-167

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  1. KG One
    April 28, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned it before and it's worth mentioning again, I'm not going to fault Chad for carrying the water on behalf of the crony capitalists here in Michigan, especially in light of "reporting" like this:

    "Frank Ferro, 56, of Lansing said he intends to vote “yes” with an absentee ballot.

    “I’m going to hold my nose while doing it,” said Ferro, an international trade manager at the Michigan Economic Development Corp."

    Look, it's Chad's paycheck.

    He can either dutifully dole out the Kool Aid or find another job.

    That been said, a story like this is still telling.

    First, the guv has finally dropped his evil Mr. Rogers', happy-happy persona (aka "relentless positive action") on this issue and has acknowledged that this can fail.

    Second, the face that the folks who "accidentally drop" campaign lit supporting their cause, er, I mean, don't want to tell us who is riding the bus should say a lot just right there.

    Exactly who are they going to trot around Michigan in this dog & pony show? a href="">One of these guys?

    Most people wouldn't recognize any one of them If they were passed by while walking down the street.

    The guv himself?

    I shouldn't need to tell anyone that aside from very carefully orchestrated events, the majority of Michigan Voters don't trust him as far as they can throw him. A fact that I'm pretty sure that even Mr. Martin & Co. is acutely aware of.

    I wonder of Paws or Big Lug is available? They should both be able to give a rousing speech in support of Prop 1.

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