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OK, folks, we all know the FBI confirmed Michigan’s November 2020 election is a fraud, however, there is that name surfacing again.

But first, take a sensory-sharpening moment with one of my favorite YouTubers.

“I am going to go and try to find an actual hard question, I fear that that’s been all softballs but, one can hope.” lmaooo! I’m dead.💀

But I digress.

In all seriousness, these machines are a documented instrument used to commit fraud that occupy 78.3% of Michigan.

Now, ask yourself why Dominion’s CEO operated more or less off a script – forget about the committee members that allowed him to – was adamant in the use of “portrayal”?

Dominion CEO knows he’s lying so, “fake it until you make it” and, pray it all goes away by repeating the lie. Oops, sad trombone…


Did you catch that? Connected with China. Well, there’s more. *hint, note the name.

Is the name ringing a bell, yet?

Do you know who else is tied to Wayne County? Jeff DeLongchamp. Who dat? The CEO of the vendor in 2018 “glitch.” Seems a pattern that “coding” and “server issues,” yes? Do you know where else election vendor Jeff DeLongchamp is in Michigan? Kent County.

Many of West Michigan’s voters will cast their ballots Tuesday on equipment from Kentwood.

ElectionSource, located on Danvers Drive SE off Patterson Avenue SE, provides election support to Michigan, Kansas, Iowa and some TV shows.

“We sold some things to movie shows like ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Modern Family,’ things like that. Helped them get through some elections that were on television. That was kind of fun,” said ElectionSource owner and president Jeffrey DeLongchamp.

The company prints ballots and manufactures and sells thousands of election supplies nationwide, including the Dominion machines most counties use, as well as voter stickers.

For fun click on it: https://electionsource.com/pages/meet-the-team

ElectionSource also expects to expand its election reporting software — a relatively new system being used only in Michigan right now — to other states next year.

Whoops! That’s a red flag.

However, DeLongchamp said voters are also seeing the consequences of a general trend across the state to consolidate races to even years.

“We do have some of the largest ballots in the United States on Election Day,” he said. “Everybody has been able to stuff it onto one ballot, but the bad is it takes a long time to vote a ballot that long. And that’s one thing that can happen in the polling places, is long lines. It could take you 15 minutes to half an hour to vote everything on that ballot.”

And there’s another red flag!

All of this repetitive as hell? Unfortunately, it appears it has to be until it sinks in.

God bless our brothers and sisters over at TDW for their unrelenting quest to expose this rigged election in support of President Trump. For those who follow, the seditionist fraudsters have put on notice.

What it means? The FBI and CISA watched it all happen in realtime. They all got caught.

Dat’s riiiiight. I would NOT want to be in Whitmer’s, Benson’s, and Nessel’s shoes right now. Especially, Big Gretch’s.

Every lie will be revealed.

Yes, including this dink, and along with many others.

Ps. give them NOTHING, Shane!

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    January 2, 2021 at 8:26 am

    This is exciting times...I hope youse guys are paying attention. Lots of stuff been dropped in the last couple of days. Pence. Roberts. etc. Pompeo has been dropping cryptic tweets. And Trump...GAME ON!

    Today is December 33, 2020

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    January 4, 2021 at 10:06 pm

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