Figures Don’t Lie but, Liars do Figure

Speaking for myself, I am beyond tired of Gov. Whitmer’s victim act, yannow, always trying to scold good people about us having to “turn down the heat” (another lie exposed) every time she is caught up in the consequences from pushing her Democrat Party’s unAmerican and lawless agendas. Matter of fact, one of the glaring abominations Gov. Whitmer is caught up in is her contempt for our most vulnerable, which Mr. Sandler succinctly describes.

Low and behold, today’s findings: Feds count more Michigan COVID-19 nursing home deaths than state’s tally

New federal data shows that at least 1,654 nursing home residents died due to the novel coronavirus in Michigan, more than the state counted in preliminary data released last week.

The nursing home deaths counted by the federal government represent 30% of the 5,553 total deaths due to the disease COVID-19 in Michigan through Tuesday.

The new number,released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is likely too low because 17% of facilities failed to respond to the survey.

The nursing home deaths as counted by the federal agency exceeds the preliminary figure of 1,216 reportedlast week by Michigan officials, who acknowledged gaps in reporting by 9% facilities.

Federal health officials released the new data as they pledged greater fines for facilities with persistently poor infection control and required states to boost facility inspections in the COVID-19 era.

It is reprehensible that Whitmer deflects what she ordered to occur in Senior/LTC facilities with such flippant remarks as one having a “time machine” as remedy for the unwarranted ongoing suffering and death she is inflicting upon Michiganians.

As always, Gov. Whitmer’s corrupt foot soldier from Detroit’s Democrat Party politburo parrots the similar deflection talking points.

Khaldun stressed that the state has followed guidance from the Centers Medicare and Medicaid Services for nursing homes “the entire time.”

“But clearly, there’s no question we need to do more — not just with our nursing facilities, but also with our data and reporting, which we’ve been very open and honest about,” Khaldun said.

Wrong-o! God gifted everyone of us a brain, of which, we all are responsible for discerning right from wrong, and for someone being of alleged high education hailing from three universities– Dr. Joneigh “Crooked” Khaldun failed epically with doing what is right. She did tho, follow through with her Democrat Party politburo marching orders from the governor.

And, let us not forget this.

Readers of, are well aware of that situation and the two dam breaches the Whitmer administration along with AG Nessel facilitated.

From this point forward there is no reasonable way for anyone to suggest, with the timeline of recorded events and in which they occur, that this has been the mishaps of a “Half” Whit, a nitWhit, a Whitless or, any other stylized nomenclature play upon her wealthy, politically connected, Whitmer family name.

This has decidedly been the hand Gov. Whitmer played along with her other Democrat governors across our nation to cause as much pain economically, physically, emotionally and lawlessly, due to the DNC dreading they’ll lose in November, to President Donald J. Trump, because Gov. Whitmer along with her politburo chose a less than lucid 77-year-old career pervert deeply in the Chinese Communist Party’s back pocket as their Party’s nomination.

SML Shirkey, Speaker Chatfeild, the time is now for impeachment proceedings to begin on Whitmer, Nessel, and Benson.

President Trump, U.S. Senate and House Republicans, DO NOT BAILOUT our cabal of corrupt Michigan Democrat politicians.


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