Lockdown and police brutality protestors share a common enemy

It is rare when one topic can bring everyone to stand still, but a virus has and it has revealed and even more dangerous virus--Government overreach and abuse of power. We should be unified instead, we are even more divided.

It is rare when one topic can bring everyone to stand still, but a virus has and it has revealed and even more dangerous virus–Government overreach and abuse of power. We should be united instead, we are even more divided.

Each of us will handle ourselves as we feel appropriate, and we don’t require the government to treat us like children dictating terms of our survival, nor do we need them deeming our work “essential or not.”  The economic damage caused by the government could be felt for years to come by each of us.

Add to the mix another type of government over-reach, which are the abuses by a few in law enforcement, and then add in political opportunists who ready to exploit a tragedy and what you wind up with is rage and civil unrest

Back in May, there were two scheduled protests on the same day at the Michigan Capitol, one was addressing the government lockdowns, while the other was addressing police brutality. The lockdown protest was canceled out of fear of a clash. The reality is both groups should have protested together for the same goal, restraining government overreach and abuse of power.

Sadly, too many in the media will divide us even further by making outrageous claims of lockdown protesters carrying long guns being treated differently than unarmed protestors concerned with police brutality. They have justified rioting and looting, and make excuses for it. At the same time, some opportunists have made it their mission to stoke the flames of racial division by making both the virus and police abuses strictly about race.

We should all be united behind a single, unified goal—restraining government while advancing the cause of individual freedom and the non-aggression principle.

I happen to be a candidate for Congress this year, and our campaign theme, “Try Freedom” is more relevant and needed now more than ever.

Our approach is peaceful, non-violent, and rooted in natural law. We do not require mass organized violent protests, physical confrontation, or rioting in the streets. We require unified pressure from empowered citizens to their elected government that we will not comply with a loss of freedom or an unequal application of the law.

The message of freedom unites us because the idea focuses on you the individual rather than a social collective, which divides us. Freedom requires personal responsibility, rather than government force. Freedom provides each of us the best pathway towards sustained peace and prosperity for everyone who seeks it.

Our campaign is not about providing a detailed map of answers to every problem. No one could possibly offer such a thing—instead, we offer idea and possiblities that can help guide each of us to our own solutions to our everyday challenges. In fact, many of our problems are not a result of too little government, but rather too much government and too many laws and regulations meant to micromanage and control us.

When you try to control people, no matter how noble you think the cause is the result will be ugly–lockdowns, police abuse, a decimated economy, excessive taxation, a dishonest monetary system, and a dishonest media promoting “progressive” propaganda—the end results are on full display in our streets in major cities across America. These provocateurs of division and control have lit the fuse, while everyday hard-working Americans pay the price.

The problems are real, and the culpability resides in multiple places. But problems are merely symptoms of a greater cancer of controlling people and the economy—conversely, those who promote individual liberty, non-aggression, an honest currency to serve as the foundation of the free-market economy are providing answers. Just think of the irony that what supposedly began the night George Floyd was executed, was that he may have passed a “phony $20 dollar bill.” The reality is that our government through the Federal Reserve is the largest counterfeiter in the country.

Like you, I have heard the mantra of “enough is enough’, and I could not agree more. But let’s be honest, our struggles go beyond a lockdown or an execution of a citizen at the hands of a bad cop—the soul of our nation hangs in the balance.

How everyday hard-working Americans react and what we do from here will ultimately shape our future. They say the extremes define the middle-we must not allow the extremity of chaos to give way to the so-called progressives, or our freedoms will die.

Our true enemy is the same as it always been–those who benefit from our division, the ones who control economies and governments to shape economic policies to their advantage. The well funded “social justice” groups screaming “systemic racism” around every corner are using this emotional issue as their cover, and they use their supporters as pawns in a twisted game of manipulation and control. In fact, what we think is a “race war’ unfolding is actually class warfare. Divide and concur is the pathway to destruction and when the dust settles, the ones who crave power and control will solidify it. When there is no longer a need for them, the social justice warriors who help exploit tragedies like the murder of George Floyd will be left out in the cold.

The exploitation of a crime for a political agenda may seem like a harsh accusation on the surface, but ask a social justice warrior what they are doing to remember David Dorn. Retired officer Dorn who himself was black was guilty of nothing and was killed by black rioters and looters “seeking justice and positive social change.”

America’s problem is not our Constitution or our form of governance, it is not “systemic racism”, “white privilege”, or any other made-up term by academic postmodern progressives who are pushing a false narrative to confuse the real issue, which is economic. Systemic injustices are legitimate, and all working Americans are suffering from it.

Racism is real, it comes from inherent tribalism and is perpetuated as an ugly form of collectivism resulting from those who are convinced we should primarily see one another through the lens of the social groups we each belong to rather than the individuals that we are.

Even the so-called “diversity crowd” contributes to the problems through virtue signaling, and by promoting the group mentality over individualism, they promote equality of outcome more so than equality of opportunity. They encourage their well-intended but flawed ideology to become codified in law and in doing so they are actually perpetuating division and tribalism–the birthplace of racism, sexism, and other superficial group divisions.

We could place the despair we feel at the feet of those who create laws as special privileges for groups, which ultimately pit groups against one another creating animus, the animosity leads to hatred and resentment, which leads to violence. They manipulate polls to sway us rather than to reflect us, and the goal is to keep us divided in order to concur.

Collective punishment or bloodguilt is not a part of our nation, we don’t hold groups accountable for the sins of individuals in the past, we hold individuals to account for their poor choices as each individual is responsible for his or her actions—but the false narrative progressives are cleverly and deceitfully pushing all part of the collectivist mindset and reflect their obsession to control people and our economy through collective guilt.

If we truly want justice than we should all be fighting for an equal application of the law. Collective or group privilege is by its very nature an injustice. It punishes social groups including the ones it was intended to help. Writing law for groups is corrosive, and giving a pass because of a social group we happen to belong to is itself an injustice—most Americans would agree.

Allowing a teenager who drives drunk a pass because they have rich parents does not help the kid, nor does allowing a pass to looters and rioters because they are “oppressed”. We are each responsible for our own actions and should be individually held to account.

Consider the people lecturing us on social justice—Chase Bank may be placing the “Black Lives Matter” logo on its Instagram page as a deceptive act of “solidarity” in order to disguise the massive interest rates they are charging people of color, which is oppressive. And if you really care about black lives, why place an abortion clinic, pawnshops, liquor stores, and cash advance stores on seemingly every corner in neighborhoods crushed by the system ran by the control freaks in government and banking.

The greatest injustice is the corrupted economic system and at its foundation is an equally dishonest and corrupt system of money and credit created out of thin air that robs from laborers and punishes anyone who tries to save. The boom and bust cycles, downturns, recessions and depressions, the middle class getting whipped out, and generational poverty—all of it is economic and reflective of a monetary system meant to keep people down by stealing from them.

From lockdowns to an endless sea of liberty shredding laws, rules, and regulations which few could navigate through, to planned parenthood and military recruitment or pinning your life success on a career in athletics, poor communities have been hustled by the same race and poverty pimps who are raking in millions while the people they supposedly speak for continue to remain stagnant or even decline.

Do you notice how pro-minority groups never seem to be around when minority on minority crime or injustice takes place—it’s by design and people need to wake up and stop allowing themselves to be played by these hustlers.

Couple all of this with incompetent leaders and a bogus media promoting sheer propaganda and you end up with what you see in the streets today.

It will be up to each of us to connect with one another and to overcome the chaos;
• Spread the facts and truth, become our own media,
• Support one another, and treat one another with kindness to overcome the fears being pushed and used against us.
• Form block clubs for political strength,
• Elect competent leaders with a sense of morality and who will defend individual liberty through the non-aggression principle,
• Defend the principle that every life is precious,
• Demand an equal application of the law, and the ability for citizens to empower themselves to hold elected leaders, lawmaker and law enforcement to account,
• Restore the attitude of “peace officers” instead of police officers.
• Repeal laws and regulations which detract from individual liberty and personal responsibility,

America is the greatest nation because of its opportunity for sustained peace and prosperity when we are left free to pursue our dreams devoid of coercion, control, and micromanagement by our servant government at home and abroad.  Our system of a representative republic rather than a democracy means we are governed by the rule of law, not the tyranny of the majority.  Americans are good people by their nature when they are not lied to, forced, manipulated, stolen from through taxation, over-regulated, or shamed for the actions of others.

Our greatness is not hinged on a political party, a religion, or an elected leader—our true greatness lies within each of us as free, moral, and independent individuals  Liberty is rooted in natural law and its premise is for everyone.

David “Dude” Dudenhoefer
Republican candidate for Representative in Congress
Michigan’s 13th Congressional District

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