And just who do we have to thank for this?

I STILL fear for the Republic.

That been said, I am disappointed, but I am certainly not in the least bit surprised with what transpired last November.

After last year’s raging dumpster fire of an election, there really wasn’t much to say about its outcome.

With what had transpired over the previous two years, the 2022 election should have been simply a formality, and we could’ve been focused on getting Michigan back on track, had the drive been there to accomplish that task.

Regrettably, certain people in our state were more concerned with “their candidate” winning than promoting (or even defending for that matter a political philosophy).

Their ego…conceit…hubris…call it what you’d like, blinded them to the actual threat.

Now, people are beginning to take notice of the consequences from their actions, or more accurately, LACK thereof.

And only now is it beginning to frighten them.

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We are barely a quarter of the way into the year and it certainly didn’t take them long to get to work up in Lansing.

The Alphabet Mafia had their plans THEY wanted to see implemented. People were not taking them seriously. Really, how can any honest person do that when their own abbreviation contradicts itself. However, THEIR party had the reins of power in Lansing. THEY control the Legislature. THEY control the Governor’s Office. THEY even control the Michigan Supreme Court. Now, by golly, we have the Alphabet Mafia passing legislation “normalizing” THEIR mental disorders and criminalizing anyone who dares disagree with them.

The Infanticide Crowd were beyond ecstatic when they got their dubious “right” enshrined into the Michigan Constitution with Proposal 3. Now they were going to do one more victory lap and eradicate any remaining legislation on the books with SB-2. Adding insult to injury, two RINO’s; Rep. Kuhn of Troy and Rep. Steele from Lake Orion felt compelled to join them.

The Hoplophobes were next. Fortunately, they had a fresh supply of stage props from MSU, courtesy of a democrat county prosecutor who didn’t want to throw the perpetrator away five years earlier when she first had the opportunity to put him away.

Why you may be asking yourself?

Because she felt that doing so would be “racist” and therefore “unjust”.

Now, as a result of a democrat county prosecutor unwilling to do her job enforcing the laws already on the books, the democrats are using this tragedy to ram through at least 11 bills (SB-76 thru SB-86) to add even more laws to be ignored by democrats, while simultaneously infringing on our Second and Fourth Amendment Rights (or if you want to get technical: Art 1, Sec 6 & Art 1, Sec 11 of the Michigan Constitution).

Now, it’s the Union’s turn. FTW is an anathema to them. It’s easier to run a union when you don’t need to go through the hassle of convincing people to freely join. Just take their money…Janus v. AFSCME be damned! HB-4004 & HB-4005 have passed the House and are due to be brought up in the Michigan Senate. And the word on the street is that the Unions will be protesting at the Michigan Capitol Building Tuesday.

Gee, I cannot image what could possible happen there?



Word is also on the street that the democrats want this done and signed before the Legislature goes on Spring Break in about a week and a half.

Their dystopian experiment isn’t over with yet.


Not by a long shot.

We still have another year and a half of this clown show to go (at least).

I’ve been speaking to several people locally who have asked me for my overall assessment of this situation, which eventually led me to writing down what I had told them in this post.

While I categorically refuse to accept the democrat’s agenda, I DO have to admit that I can respect them, for at the very least, doing the things that they told their own base they would do if elected.

Can the same thing honestly be said of the Michigan Republican Party?

The Republican Party on the national level?

Now you see the inherent problem that we as Conservatives face here in Michigan.

I have also been asked to provide them a list of those whom we can legitimately thank for ensconcing the democrats into power for the foreseeable future here in Michigan.

I’ll give just two sets of examples below (for now):

  • Ron Weiser and Meshawn Maddock.











The buck stops at the top.

I do not trust Ron Weiser. I NEVER have and I NEVER will.

Look, do I need to say anything more here?

And the Maddock’s???

At one time, they were Tea Party and at least had some credibility within the Grassroots.


Now, they have spent so much time hobnobbing with the Michigan GOP Establishment, they have lost sight of where they came from, and IMHO, why they got involved in politics in the first place.

They have lost their way and should no longer be considered as True Conservatives.

  • The GOP strategists and consultants.

They are a slippery and elusive bunch, which makes it difficult to compile very much information on since they tend to hide in the shadows.

They began appearing on my radar about four years ago, when I began asking people more directly involved with running campaigns about where all of the money they had raised during their campaigning was being spent.

Lit? Staff? Media?

“Nope”, they would reply. I would get the nebulous ‘consultants’ as the principal answer.

Curiously, two names keep popping up through my inquiries: Jamie Roe (“Team Roe”) and Jason Roe (“Roe Strategic”). Lots of money being spent on these two, with not a lot of election victories of late, to show for it.

Even more curious was that the MRP was bleeding money last year without a one iota of concern from the former state “Co-Chairs” listed above.

I’ll let you draw whatever conclusion you’d like from the above.


People would ask: Is that all?

Is there anyone else?

Well, yes. There is.

But, I’m still in the process of researching that, and when I get more substantial and definitive information, I will pass that along.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t go so far as to blame the democrats 100% for what they are doing. Their actions are analogous to kids running loose in a candy store.

They cannot help themselves.

The better question to ask ourselves is why are we not focused on those who let them in there in the first place and what can be done to insure that those very same people cannot do the same thing again in the future?

Something to think about…


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  1 comment for “And just who do we have to thank for this?

  1. Sue Schwatrz
    March 15, 2023 at 6:46 am

    Evidently, 2020 didn't piss off enough people--with or without election fraud. 2022, light bulbs finally went off, for folks only now understanding 2020 crap; too late to effect 2021 mid-terms. I saw the BS in my own house race.
    Once I saw the RINO candidate collecting endorsements rather than hitting the pavement to meet his constituants, I knew webe stuck with betsie coffia.

    I believe MI is 50/50 split between conservatives and RINO's and indeed my own county convention proves this point. The recent state convention, charging delegates and observers $50 to walk into the building, was a RINO move that didn't work and actually backfired in RINO faces. This gives me hope.

    Right-to-work is at stake and would like to advise that if you exercise your right to work without joining a union, that you cannot be forced to join a union if they repeal this law. Red flag gun laws are about as dangerous as anything can get and violates federal law. If you don't know your rights, you don't have them.

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