Ron, you have made Joe Biden look like the beacon of sanity yesterday.

Take wild guess what happens when you play stupid games?

I received a text yesterday from a friend who was in Lansing at the Convention. It was short and just one sentence long. It said this;

 “You called it.”

I wasn’t surprised when I received it, but I was certainly disappointed.

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I mentioned in an earlier post about how I have no problem supporting Real Conservatives with time and money and that I wasn’t too interested in getting bogged down when the Republican kakistocracy wanted to play parliamentary tricks. My time (and money) are valuable and I have a lot on my plate this fall.

I became even less interested when, here in Macomb County, the Republican kakistocracy went out of its way to broom out Macomb County GOP Chairman Mark Forton in favor of Ron Weiser puppet Eric Castiglia.

How do I know that Eric Castiglia was Ron Weiser’s catspaw? More on that after I bring people up to speed.

Once you little people finally get the message and do as you’re told…

Back in April of this year at the Macomb County Convention in Shelby, a rogue group utilizing parliamentarian shenanigans, drummed out Macomb County GOP Chairman Mark Forton citing “lack of confidence” in a 158-123 vote (and the Shelby Twp. PD needed to be called in after things started getting out of control between delegates…this IS Macomb County, after all). The Executive Board was also drummed out by these RINO’s.

Anyone here who knows Mark Forton knows that those charges were absolutely ludicrous.

When I’ve needed to speak with him, Mr. Forton returned by calls. If he was in the office, and not in a meeting with someone else, he was always approachable.

He never spoke disparagingly of any candidates who promoted the Conservative philosophy.

He even made sure that things behind the scenes like the rent being taken care of for the office (until the end of this year) and utilities were being paid.

So, exactly what did he do to bring about such hostility?

Does anyone remember the 2020 Election Steal?

Does anyone remember when the party frowned on calling out candidates when they don’t act like Conservatives? Or worse yet, being labeled as RINO’s?

The Republican kakistocracy wanted to make certain that issues like those disappear just like Jimmy Hoffa. Mark Forton simply HAD to go!

So they seated their own “approved” chair by the name of Eric Castiglia and went about installing an executive board as well answerable to Ron Weiser. The state party even signed off on this clown show one month later. To confuse people even further, Weiser puppet Eric Castiglia even registered “Republican Party of Macomb County” and has a website set up to give it a sense of legitimacy (not to be confused with the legitimate party website found here).

But Mark Forton didn’t take this lying down.

He filed a case in Macomb County Circuit Court, and on August 5th, Judge Matthew Sabaugh agreed with him stating that this little coup d’état violated GOP Party Bylaws.

Macomb County GOP Chairman Forton was back. Puppet Macomb County GOP Chairman Chairman Castiglia was essentially told to hit the bricks.

Or, so we thought.

Apparently, before the Macomb County Convention in August, someone using the Michigan GOP call list, texted Delegates and told them to attend the “official” Macomb County GOP Convention in Warren. The problem here is that the actual GOP Convention was being held that very same day and time in Shelby.

Two conventions. Two lists of delegates/alternates from Macomb County. What could possibly go wrong?

So, going back to the main gist of this post, I’ll fast-forward to yesterday and explain what they tried to do.

Remember: You have TWO lists of delegates representing Macomb County. Which one was legitimate?

Well, just watch the video of master puppeteer Ron Weiser looking like a buffoon for your answer (video is cued up).

My friends informed me that this is what precipitated one of the multiple delays yesterday which caused the state convention to run was over schedule.

Does the “Voice vote” rule ring a bell?

It didn’t end very well for Ron Weiser and his slate of puppet delegates.

State Convention Delegates from around Michigan essentially told Ron Weiser that they didn’t condone of his stealing of this election!!!

On the plus side from yesterday’s events, we now have an actual bona fide slate of candidates to take out Team-d on November 8th. We have an official candidate for LG, AG, SoS, Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan SBE, and University Boards.

On the minus side, we had the state CO-chair, receiving a very public and well-deserved black eye to his reputation when he attempted to meddle with the grassroots. His machinations had blew up in his face like an Acme dynamite kit.

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

But, as I’ve said before, when you play stupid games, don’t be surprised when you win stupid prizes.

I’m going to leave this post at that.

We Conservatives have got an election to win.

Focusing on the problem elements needs to be put on the back burner until after the general.

Stay tuned…

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  4 comments for “Ron, you have made Joe Biden look like the beacon of sanity yesterday.

  1. Tom Stillings
    August 28, 2022 at 10:28 am

    Vote of “No Confidence” tells the whole story. You’re entitled to your opinion, but your article is every bit as much ridiculous as the clowns disrupting the convention

    You Betcha! (1)Nuh Uh.(6)
  2. Sue Schwatrz
    August 29, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    KG, good breakdown of events. What's even better, the "vote" was stand and raise your credentials for a yes. Almost 100% across the board, at least in CD-1, those that stayed seated were literally the rinos. This included John DeMoose. whole lot disappointed by him. There was a lot of lessons here. 1. Saying the pledge and singing the anthem DOES NOT START THE CONVENTION. 2. Taking an hour, which turned into two, to count 14 numbers x2 (yes/no votes x 14 congressional districts) pretty much explains the election fraud nobody seems to understand. 3. Not having a food court, or even selling bottled water denied somebody the right to make a handsome buck. (Why play Hunger Games with delegates?) 4. Not really sure the convention was ever officially started but it sure took longer than expected to create credentials for the macomb delegates. Seems all it would have taken is a large label and a sharpie. they could have put this right over the other delegate credentials.

    Somebody told me that Wiser put in his own money to put this convention on. Well, if he wouldn't have done the earlier test convention, there would have been enough money to run the statutorily mandated convention. And, I heard donations to the rino party are down. Let me just say, if the rino class would stop the abuse of us real conservatives, we've been known to be quite generous with our money when we see a need.

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