Republicans for Whitmer-Gilchrist 2022!

Don’t be stupid!

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why this year’s election, especially the gubernatorial portion here in Michigan, shouldn’t be anything more than a formality this November.

After all of the Wuhan virus induced fear mongering has been exposed for the charade in which it truly was, destroying our economy & disrupting the lives of most Americans, Team-d has nothing to run with.

However, if the Republican kakistocracy has its way, it looks like they will be pulling the same stupid trick they used in 2018 in order to get Gretchen Whitmer re-elected again in 2022!

How you may ask?

{You know the drill.}

It certainly can be said that the 2022 Election Season was one for the history books.

After the destruction Team-d inflicted on America, and here in Michigan, we’ve finally got a chance to right the ship of state. Geometrically increasing inflation. Exponentially rising fuel prices (still higher than January 2021 prices). Supply chain problems. Anemic labor participation rates. Increasing budget deficits. They had they hands on the wheel, helped by their brazen theft in 2020.

After they had replicated their winning leadership strategies they had employed in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, New York and Detroit on a national scale…what could possibly go wrong?

I know right?

They’re even scraping the bottom of the barrel and outright bribing people with the public purse (and yes, even here in Michigan), in order to engender support for their failed philosophy. Their allies in what tries to pass itself off as an “objective” media cannot fawn over this enough.

The best campaign ad I could recommend for anyone running against a democrat would be to take a camera to any of these war-torn hellholes which used to be great cities and show what the end result of their “leadership” inevitably turns into. Abandoned, burned out buildings and streets. The body counts. The mass exodus away from said cities. I would simply ask people at the end of said commercial “Do you want this for America (or Michigan)?” Put on a title card over the ruin and destruction “Vote for (anyone who isn’t a democrat in this race),” and then fade to black.

There isn’t a democrat around who can defend against that.

On the flip-side of the equation, there are plenty of good candidates running this year. Not all of them are good, mind you, but there are still more good candidates than bad. We’ve got Matthew DePerno running for AG and Kristina Karamo running for SoS. Both of them were essentially the tip of the spear when it came to the 2020 Election steal in Antrim County and Detroit respectively. Fortunately, I do not see there being very much resistance tomorrow in Lansing regarding their names being on the ballot.

At the top of the ticket, there were 10 candidates running for Michigan Governor. Five of them were removed from the ticket due to an incredible level of naiveté or incompetent campaign management. The remaining five battled it out earlier this month.

In my neck of the woods (S.E. Michigan), it was split mainly 4-ways (Soldano, Kelley, Rinke & Dixon), with Rebrandt getting a sliver of support.

For the most part, it didn’t devolve too much into mud slinging between these four. Their positions were mainly aligned with one another. Despite three of these (Soldano, Kelley & Rinke) having far better name recognition for their actions prior to the election, Dixon eked out a victory when Pres. Trump decided to make an endorsement and Betsy DeVos opened up her purse.

Fast forward about two weeks later when word came out regarding a LG pick.

Fortunately, none of the “leaked” names were chosen when the dust settled (my reasons on why these would not have worked are expanded on here). Tudor Dixon had chosen Shane Hernandez.

All in all, his positions were in sync with everyone else’s.

His position on illegal aliens…well, he’s right there with Team-d.

Looking at the big picture here, despite Hernandez’s soft spot for human traffickers & drug runners, he’s essentially going into a figurehead position.

Can anyone tell me of anything noteworthy done by Brian Calley while he was LG?

I’m at a loss this morning.

Even Gilchrist looks silly when he decided to look busy and “preside” over the Michigan Senate during the last two years.

Unless the car that Tudor Dixon is driving in somehow goes off of the Gordie Howe Bridge during its opening ceremony, I don’t see Hernandez telling AG DeDerno to go easy on illegal aliens here in Michigan anytime in the near future.

However, this is not a done deal…yet.

Tudor Dixon can choose whomever she wants. That is her prerogative as candidate for governor.

Just as it is the Delegates in Lansing who will make the final call regarding who goes on the ticket.

Here is where things get interesting.

Remember not that long ago when Convention Delegates were not too thrilled with “republican” Rick Snyder and his trusty sidekick Brian Calley?

The Delegates were going to make their voices heard regarding their disapproval with the help of one Wes Nakagiri.

The republican kakistocracy didn’t like that one. After ingesting large quantities of Excedrin and Maalox, they changed the rules afterwards allowing for a “voice vote” at subsequent conventions when the delegates were not going to vote for their anointed candidates. “We want people to choose candidates, only we want them to make the choices we had made for them,” they reportedly commented to themselves.

Remember the dumpster fire in ’18 when Viviano and Clement’s names were brought to the floor for a vote?

Jase Bolger either needed to go in for a hearing check (or mental health evaluation…take your pick), because only a low-grade moron couldn’t determine how delegates felt during that election. He smiled. He acted stupidly. And, he said that the “Ayes” had it.

With lackluster candidate B.S and the top of the ticket, the republican kakistocracy relieving themselves on the backs of delegates and telling them that it is just raining, that didn’t exactly go a long way to energize the base.

This year we may see a repeat.

While there isn’t much interest in the LG spot (Soldano & Rinke have each said “no”…Kelley said “hell, no!”), Rebrandt wants to throw his hat into the ring.

And that whole voice vote thing…it’s in effect for this year’s convention. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Look, as I’ve said before, as far as the convention is concerned, I’m on the sidelines. I’m more than happy to support candidates with time and money. I am not a delegate, nor would I even consider being one if the people at the top cannot trust the people actually doing the work to make the right call.

Conservatives didn’t care for the election steal in 2020. Don’t repeat that same mistake by stealing another election tomorrow in Lansing with backroom shenanigans.

You won’t gain any support by doing the very same thing you claim to be against!

Ron, I want to personally thank you in advance for supporting my re-election!

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  2 comments for “Republicans for Whitmer-Gilchrist 2022!

  1. Jason
    August 26, 2022 at 8:42 am

    Well said.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    August 27, 2022 at 5:06 pm

    You can rest easy KG, the Hispandering is real.

    Betsy DeVos' chosen Dixon got her version of Brian Calley.

    Hernandez once supported Ted Cruz in 2016, and conceded that Donald Trump was not his first, or second choice, for president.

    On the other hand, Hernandez, of Hispanic descent, years ago once called the Trump border wall "ridiculous" and took exception to Trump’s claims that Mexico was sending illegal alien criminals to the United States. He also disapproved of Trump insulting political opponents.

    I mean what could be more exciting than getting behind electing a nobody female for governor using this guy's nearly identical colors for her campaign messaging?

    What a 💩📽

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