Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that the Michigan Republican Party wants four more years of Gretchen Whitmer.

It should stand to reason that running a candidate who is antithetical to the base is not exactly a winning strategy. Especially when they try, invariably in vain, to claim that candidate is somehow Conservative.

Typically, they will employ one of the following stratagems:

• Hallelujah, they have seen the light! You can trust them now to do the right things since they now have their eye on a higher office.

• Or, just sweep their record under the rug and use industrial-strength gaslighting on anyone who dares to bring it up.

How often have we seen this?

Well, we’ve seen this play out nationally with McCain in ’08. The Republican kakistocracy wanted him badly (it was HIS turn to run, after all). The base didn’t trust him. We ended up getting stuck with Barry for eight years because Willard certainly wasn’t any better four years later.

Here in Michigan, we’ve seen this in ’18 when B.S. got tapped to run for that coveted seat in the Romney Building (again, according to the Nigh-omnipotent potentates in the Michigan GOP, it was HIS turn). The same candidate who couldn’t be bothered to show himself in front of the Grassroots before the Primary, yet always found ample time in his busy schedule for a fundraiser with deep-pocketed donors…well, we all know how that nightmare started.

Fast-forward to this week, when Trump disloyalist Liz Cheney got her backside handed to her by Wyoming Voters by about a 2-1 ratio. Throwing your lot in with the democrats and then taking part in a political star chamber…not a great plan. If your Paul Pelosi-level of investments didn’t pay off as well as they have while you were “serving” your Constituents in Wyoming, people might have a reason to feel sorry for your future.

So, where is this observation heading towards True Believers are asking themselves?

{Click below the fold to find out}

Later today, we’re going to find out who Tudor Dixon is going to tap on to be LG on November 8th.

Most of the chatter has been running below the radar (obviously), and to be totally honest here, most people around S.E. Michigan haven’t been too interested.

She was not their choice. We simply didn’t know her.

We didn’t see her do anything over the past two-years. Garrett Soldano and Ryan Kelley were both at least very visible opposing the Wuhan virus lockdowns. Kevin Rinke has been pretty active behind the scenes with conservation causes. Ralph Rebandt at least made a concerted effort to get name recognition by campaigning face-to-face. I’ve lost track at the number of times I’ve personally seen him at gun shows and local conventions.

Tudor Dixon…

…well, at least she has a nice benefactor with the last name of DeVos (yes, another Trump disloyalist).

For the time being, I’ll overlook an axiom that was ingrained in me at a very early age that nothing in life is really truly free. There are strings attached. For discussion sake: I’ll overlook the DeVos boat anchor around Dixon’s political neck.

We need to look at the immediate problem at hand; one Gretchen Esther Whitmer.

Obviously, given the sheer level of destruction her decisions have done to Michigan she needs to go.

But it is important to remember that we should not to change one corrupt/inept politician with another just because of a party label. Essentially, nothing will change if we do that.

So far, there have been four names announced.

Two of the “leaked” picks are from S.E. Michigan Vinnie Johnson and Willie Burton.

Both are involved in the community, yet do not have the “political-experience” that all of the talking heads somehow feel is necessity in “balancing out” the ticket.

Mr. Johnson heads up a local auto part firm, and apparently knew nothing about being tapped to run by the Dixon Campaign HQ. I don’t see him going too far in the LG vetting process.

Mr. Burton runs an organization called Excel U, which is another choice for parents when it comes to educating their children. On the surface, that appears pretty encouraging. DPSCD (essentially the rebranded name of DPD so that they can double-dip school funding from Lansing…thanks Rick Snyder!) is still an abysmal failure when it comes to its core function.

The big red flag here is that he’s playing to the victim culture crowd/alphabet mafia by supporting DEI (rebranded as DEI-B to make it easier to sell). That will play well to the race-hustlers in Detroit and the rainbow flag waving shock troops in Royal Oak, Ferndale and Ann Arbor. I don’t see it getting too much traction outstate.

The other two candidates are no strangers to long time readers here at Right Michigan (yet have the requisite “political experience”): Jase Bolger and Mike Bishop.

Jase Bolger, I can easily write several pages on with no effort. From his support of the alphabet mafia to his rather significant role in the Michigan Taxpayer funded bailout of Detroit (don’t get me started on his DeVos connections), he is still a known political liability.

Mike Bishop, you may remember is the guy who as Michigan Senate Majority Leader threw a lifeline to Gov. Granholm during the “lost decade” by not only raising Michigan’s income tax, but locked it in after it was slated to be lowered. Waffles on important issues like 2A and is as quiet as a church mouse when it came to addressing the fiscal black hole known as Obamacare. Again, I can easily write several pages on him as well with no effort.

And if anything, their liabilities easily outweigh their advantages.  Their addition to Dixon’s campaign will go a long way towards keeping people away from the polls in November.

I am so tired of the pitiful excuse put out by the politicians that they have so little time in office, that they cannot even find the bathrooms in Lansing, as their rationale behind why “political experience” is somehow an advantage. When I’ve taken my smaller family members to Lansing, they never had this problem at the Capitol. What does a 4th/5th Grader know that these adults cannot figure out for themselves?

Political service was always meant to be an interruption to someone’s career and NOT a career unto itself!

So, to sum this up, we have a candidate for Michigan Governor whose support amongst the Grassroots is lackadaisical, at best.
She is wishy-washy on the Life Issue and the 2020 Steal.

Tudor Dixon better to pick someone to generate some positive buzz in the remaining nearly three months left in the campaign. If the “political experts” aren’t aware of this rather apparent shortcoming in her campaign, their ignorance will be her campaign’s undoing.

If these “leaks” are legitimate, then she better have someone else on her short list that is being held close to the vest.

People will not support replacing one crooked politician for another.

Stay tuned.

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  3 comments for “Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

  1. Tom Stillings
    August 19, 2022 at 8:01 am

    Bishop is “not interested”.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    August 19, 2022 at 11:23 am

    Meh, does it really matter.

    Dixon has been endorsed by the DeVos family in the gubernatorial primary and her supporters are contending that she can unite the party ahead of the general election. She's also garnered endorsements from Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, former Gov. John Engler and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

    Shirky, fat John, and Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

    And let's not forget boomer king that allowed his inflated-ego ass to be thrown out of the White House.

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  3. Corinthian Scales
    August 20, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    And thus it is so: Team Tuna Taco

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