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Yep, it’s a Farce

Hate to say I told you so but… told you so.

However, Little Ronna campaigning for her uncle Willard? That is just okie dokie…

Because, you know, road funding vote$ is priority or, “unity” or, whatever smoke you’d like blown up your posterior.

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Happy Anniversary

Today marks a whole year of additional expense levied on Michigan employers.

min-wageIts been a whole year since the new minimum wage law (crafted by ‘republicans’) required employers to ante up a little more.

Sept 1, 2014 was the demarcation point for the stepped increases signed into law by Rick Snyder that will eventually bring the minimum outlay for the entry level workforce up to $9.25 and hour.

The rates are as follows:

 Effective Date  Minimum
Wage Rate
 Tipped Employee
Hourly Wage Rate
 85% of Minimum
Hourly Wage Rate
 Before September 1, 2014 $7.40 $2.65  $7.25*
September 1, 2014 $8.15  $3.10   $7.25*
 January 1, 2016 $8.50  $3.23  $7.25*
 January 1, 2017 $8.90  $3.38 $7.57
 January 1, 2018 $9.25  $3.52 $7.86

Nothing says conservative ‘Republican’ like statist moves forcing it’s small business to pay more than a person’s labor is worth.  Next stop is January 1, 2016. If they cannot raise taxes on you one way, they will do it in so many others.

Congratulations Michigan.

Pass the party favors.

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