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Breaking – Uh Oh.

Embattled representatives may only face censure after all.

The Democrats have kept Todd Courser from being expelled.

As this is being written, it’s hard to imagine that Michigan house leadership is not making deals with the Democrat caucus to rally up the additional 7 votes necessary to remove Todd Courser from his seat.  From House TV:


Perhaps it is time to REVERSE THIS???

You Betcha! (18)Nuh Uh.(0)

Courser Gamrat Expulsion Will Mean Higher Taxes

Loss of two legislators will have fiscal policy consequences.

In all likelihood, any replacements for the Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat positions will be inclined to lean leftward and distance themselves away from ‘Tea’ political positions.

The vote by committee this morning didn’t go well for Gamrat and Courser.  An upcoming vote by the full house would close the deal. The wife sends me this:

Well there goes the road tax.  We pay more


She may be right

And NOT simply at the pump.

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