RINO John James Protest – October 25th.


I’ve already written about the swamp-dwelling RINO’s completely losing their minds after Rep. Gaetz called out FORMER Speaker McCarthy on his spinelessness when it came to running things in the House.

Did any Republicans from Michigan stand up for Conservative Values and demonstrate where they really stand?


Thanks guys. Great job! Good to know where you really stand when it really counts.

Then we’ve seen them extend this streak of cowardness when it came to nominating and electing a replacement Speaker.

This one should’ve been a slam-dunk.

After a few RINO’s were washed out of the contest, Rep. Jim Jordan’s name came up for a vote.

And how did that vote turn out?

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Well in typical RINO fashion, they didn’t actually take a recorded vote to show their Constituents where they really stand. How convenient.

Don’t worry, True Believers, because several of those voting DID tell the media where they stood on Rep. Jordan’s vote. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s none other than Rep. John James MI-10.

Principles?!? I don’t have any principles. I’ll just buy my seat in Macomb County just like I did in the last election, suckers!!!

Adding insult to injury, he decided to play political theater a few days earlier when he had the audacity to nominate none other than Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller for the position of House Speaker. I wish I was making this one up.

Enough is enough!

Look, if you cannot man up and stand on the values that you ran on (and barely squeaked into office with 0.5% of the vote), how are you any different from the democrats?

For those of you who happen to be in Southeastern Michigan this Wednesday from 3:00pm until 5:00pm, stop by the good representative’s office at 30500 Van Dyke Avenue and attend the protest organized by Rescue Michigan to make your displeasure with Rep. James’ shenanigans known.

And if you are unable to attend, feel free to let him (more accurately his staff) know how you feel by contacting his office via the following:

D.C. Office: (202) 225-4961
Warren Office:
(586) 498-7122

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  3 comments for “RINO John James Protest – October 25th.

  1. Sue Schwatrz
    October 24, 2023 at 7:54 am

    The very first time James ran for US Senate, Trump called him a rockstar. James was winning the state until, yup wayne county came in. It was apparent to all of us, including Detroiters, that James won, a black man with a Trump endorsement. Nonetheless, he conceded before the ink was dry on the ballots. We up here, who were excited to have a fresh face, gagged. When he ran again, knowing full well that they were going to do the same thing with or without a Trump endorsement. How did he not know? Because he didn't have our endorsement or money. Get you support somewhere else John. We no longer trust you. The RINO's had their claws in him and he got the message. .

    John took money from some despicable folks. He's lost to us.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      October 26, 2023 at 1:28 pm

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    October 25, 2023 at 10:26 am

    It is hilarious how he suckered in all you evangelical rubes over and over.
    Now you act surprised? Priceless. GOP virtue signaling at its finest.

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