Why Small Business Shall Remain Small

This seems to be on the right track, yes?

So, what happens if HB 5477 now becomes extended by two years, the already sales tax portion is gradually dedicated for road maintenance over same period with Wholesale sales tax increasing to 7% (Rack Price) and MDOT controlling said taxation thereafter?

“the taxpayers are the last place to look”. Sure it is. Folks, it’s all just a Shell Game in Lansing.

OABTW, did you notice the graft?

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  1. bruce.hall@gmail.com
    November 26, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    I sent the following to my state senator:

    Dear Sen. Marleau:

    Your recent vote to increase gasoline taxes in Michigan raises some interesting questions:
    Why are gasoline taxes in Michigan, already among the highest in the nation, insufficient to build and maintain the roads?
    What guarantee can you offer that 100% of the new taxes will be used to build and maintain roads while none of the existing taxes will be siphoned off for other purposes?
    How will the funds be distributed?
    Let's start addressing the argued shortfall with the elimination of $50 million in film industry subsidies which have not provided any discernible benefit to the State of Michigan nor has it increased the volume of films produced in this state.

    Then one could examine the 21st Century Jobs Fund.

    $50 million here, $850 million there; pretty soon you are talking real money.

    As a Republican senator, I would expect you to be fiscally responsible toward the taxpayers and demand that expenditures are made contingent upon direct, verifiable results rather than, "It sounds good to me."


    I received a nice form letter that basically said "we need to improve our roads and this will bring jobs." Not that impressed.

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  2. Jason
    November 26, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    Its kinda sad.

    It would seem that all they have to do is find a way to simply UN-Earmark the non road funding parts of the sales tax. A NEW tax should hardly be necessary.

    I am not sure, but is there a constitutional attachment of education funding to the 6% sales tax? If so, then Bolger's method is probably a workaround.

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