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The Michigan Senate Majority Leader gives 'honest cops' a good name.

And we haven’t even started the ‘Cotton’ picking.

When we start wondering about the passage of hospital related legislation in the state senate, perhaps we simply consider the source of the new legislation to be only as old as government itself. Something as simple as power brokering through backroom deals and a few well placed donations can alter public policy.  We have seen how the $100,000 given to Jase Bolger has brought about the threat of the unthinkable changes to the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act.  Even now we should be looking at the reasons for our gas taxes being raised as well.

Though I disagree with bed counts and certificates of need, pushing legislation for ‘good friends’ specific projects violates the spirit of equal opportunity under the law.  Specific legislation that benefits donors as a result of donations offered, ought to be considered criminal if not already.

So when we see 2014 Senate Bill 1073 (Granting medical facility rationing exception to McLaren Health Systems Introduced by Sen. Randy Richardville (R) on September 11, 2014)  to authorize a special exception to the health care facility rationing imposed by the state’s “Certificate of Need” law?  We should be concerned.

It would allow McLaren Health Systems to build a new facility in Clarkston. In return for this special “carve out” the bill would force McLaren to provide a certain amount of charitable care and meet other requirements specified in the bill. The Certificate of Need (CON) program rations the availability of health care facilities and technology by requiring health care providers to seek permission from a state commission for new or expanded facilities.

Force McLaren to provide?  How much does anyone want to bet McLaren wrote the legislation.

Two to one; Easy money.

WXYZ Does a bang up job of spotlighting the ‘honest cops’ from time to time.  Here they approach doe-in-the-headlights Randy Richardville and others about yet another secret fund which has health care giant McLaren’s fingerprints all over it.

We’ll follow up with more as this develops.

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