Things Observed During the Chinese Communist Party Virus in Michigan

It’s been mostly disheartening to watch Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s DNC coordinated economic destruction play out by her every ass-covering Executive Order issued with how the Michigan public and legislature has rolled over and, obeyed as if we were born as indoctrinated slaves. Is it that we all do not see what communism looks like? There are those of us on this planet that are, in the face of all odds against them with a crushing jackboot coming down that makes one disappear from existence, they have the spirit and will to stand up against tyranny.

(Full interview here) Warning: it is heartbreaking to watch.

In Michigan, 37 years ago that “peaceful” spirit and will was here.

In January of 1983, Governor James Blanchard had a problem. Michigan was in recession, losing jobs, and the legislature was facing declining tax revenues. Blanchard needed to hike taxes in order to maintain government spending, since real spending cuts seemed out of the question. He proposed, and passed through the legislature, a 38% income tax hike.

Taxpayers revolted. Recall drives were launched against Governor Blanchard and 14 state senators who supported the tax hike. Citizens launching these recalls were not taken seriously at first because no governor or state lawmaker had ever been recalled in the history of Michigan. Why?

Cold Fury™.

Today, with same pending doom soon to come crashing down upon our state budget, I see nothing but lazy rallying around a brave septuagenarian barber. God bless Karl Manke, however, where has the 1983 kind of spirit with all in Michigan gone?

Honestly, those that have supported the haircut brigade is all well and good but, clearly it does not even begin to measure up to the actions of Michiganians in 1983.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” – Mark Twain

Cold Fury shall not propel the act in the face of itself- it is what drives a reckoning.

We do know there is a Whitmer recall petition filed. We also know that one of Jocelyn Benson’s appointed lackey Soros cronies played legalese games to derail filed petition. Have shared this in comment before.

We also know that Gov. Whitmer’s created “Second Wave” is happening NOW at a staggering rate as you read this post. That 👆 folks, is another of the many facets to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Game of Death.

So, again I ask, where is the public pushback every politician fears most against this corrupt, morally bankrupt administration and its lawless Democrat Party enablers? We have several good Sheriffs that are on our right side of history who will not enforce Gov. Whitmer’s unconstitutional “edicts.”

The good people of Hong Kong would be steamrolled by the Chinese Communist Party regime if they behaved as we are under this agenda-driven administration and attorney general.

Change my mind.

As mentioned before.

Go give your best life.

You’re worth it.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    May 28, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    As stated within posting above, the haircut brigade was an admirable but, meritless endeavor.

    It was a good run, Mr. Manke, while it lasted.

    The majority opinion signed by Judge Stephen Borrello said Whitmer administration's executive power "easily encompasses the closing of defendant’s barbershop.

    How does this outcome occur? Easy, you keep bouncing around the court system until you find a Party affiliate former chairman of the Saginaw County Democratic Party Judge, and like that, Big Gretch gets what she wants.

    Sorry, folks, until recalls and, impeachment proceedings are launched we will remain serving at the whims of this despotic, lawless administration buttressed by an equally radical Left AG.

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