That’s some pretty interesting math you’re using there!

With the much under-reported partial federal government “shut-down” being eclipsed by the battle over The Wall by President Trump, who is aggravating the republican swamp-dwellers by actually keeping his campaign promise, compared to recalcitrant democrats claiming that the entire concept is “immoral”, what passes for an unbiased press is hoping that you’ll pay more attention to the shinny object (aka The Wall debate) rather than what is really happening in America.

Want to know what that is?

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I’ve mentioned multiple times in previous posts, with the Federal government shutdown now entering its 23rd day, the current partial government shutdown could easily have been avoided had Republican Congressional Leadership put on their big boy pants, had a “Come to Jesus”- meeting with the caucus early last spring (along with letting them know that their campaign funding will go “bye bye” should they deviate from President Trump’s Agenda), invoke the very same nuclear option Team “d” used to saddle us with Obamacare and pass an honest to goodness federal budget for a change.

Pass a real budget, you’ll have no CR mess and more importantly no government shutdown.

Sure, we still would’ve heard the occasional story of some DSA-card carrying member of the democratic party (is THAT a redundant statement…hmmm?) going off on another TDS rant. Repackage the Das Kommunistische Manifest so that they uninformed think that it’s actually a new idea that hasn’t been tried numerous times repeatedly before around the world. We might even get a chance to watch a video of the economic wunderkind from the Bronx showing off some of her dubstep moves.

Okay, forget about that last one. That’s an image that even I don’t want to think about!

On the plus side, CPB wouldn’t have needed to lob large quantities of tear gas at the peaceful migrants invasion force squatting along our southern border. CNN’s own Jim Acosta clearly demonstrated what happens when you have an area with a wall in place.

And, we most likely wouldn’t have had more dead Americans had Congress done the job they were elected to perform.

But, I digress.

What most people aren’t aware of is that Team “d” kludged together their own budget to the rest of the federal government for remainder of 2019. Not a bad feat for only being on the job for less than a week.

Sure it was chock full of pork like $2-billion more for the EPA or over $7-billion for HUD than what the White House wanted.

That’s not the big part that they don’t want you to know.


What they didn’t tell people was that it also contained, now get this: over $12-billion in foreign aid!

Remember: President Trump was asking only for $5-billion for The Wall.


On America’s Border.

You know? To protect Americans.

Does safety mean anything to them?

Now, we’ve got Sen. Schumer is telling us that The Wall is “expensive”. Speaker Pelosi is telling us that The Wall is “immoral”.

Wow! Do those two have very short memories.

The media just loved “fact-checking” Pres. Trump’s speech last week. Allow a Conservative to return the favor regarding their side.

Just a little over two years ago, those two obviously “forgotten” that Team “d” built a wall completely around their convention in Philadelphia for…

Keeping the delegates inside?

Providing “shovel ready jobs” to local contractors?

Launder money back into the Clinton Global Initiative?

I’m certain that it wasn’t to keep people out of the convention that they didn’t want in there. Now that’s just crazy talk.

I know! I know! They wanted to keep out the Republicans who made a wrong turn on I-80 (and couldn’t read a calendar).

Speaker Pelosi also forgot that she had one of those “immoral” walls constructed around her Napa Valley Estate.

And why would former Pres. B.O. have one (correction: make that at least seven) around his mansion in Washington?

But, here’s something else that you might not be aware of.

While going through the journals in Washington, I came across something interesting relating to who actually voted for this bill.

It wasn’t the fact that every democrat from Michigan signed off on this, but the fact that several “republicans” did!

Making matters worse, one of those “republicans” came from right here in Michigan.

His name: Rep. Fred Upton.

I bet those of you living in the Sixth District are ecstatic to hear that Rep. Upton feels that our tax dollars are better spent defending foreigners than Americans!

Let me wrap up my post by tossing out my suggestion regarding how this can be easily remedied.

First: Team ”d” needs to be put in their place. Pres. Trump can easily accomplish this by showing everyone not only images of Pres. B.O. & Speaker Pelosi’s digs, but clips from the 2016 DNC Convention.

Second: Sen. Schumer’s opposition can be easily nullified by having someone reintroduce a bill from the 115th Congress that has someone else paying for The Wall: The Mexicans.

Wait? What are you talking about, KG?

What I’m talking about is the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order Act or ELCHAPO Act (I’d love to know who keeps coming up with these interesting acronyms), otherwise known as HR-2186, which was introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz in the US Senate and in the US House by Rep. Mo Brooks. It would use the monies seized in the criminal prosecution of trafficking controlled substances and direct that towards The Wall along with other security measures along our southern border.

Senator Tex Cruz – Texas

Rep. Mo Brooks – Alabama













About two years ago, that amount was estimated to be around $14-billion. Any future criminal prosecutions which would obviously increase that amount significantly.


So, throw down the gauntlet.

Remind democrats about where they live and what they had done not even two years ago. Re-introduce and pass the EL CHAPO ACT, introduce bills to fund the Constitutionally Authorized functions of the federal government and uphold that oath about insuring domestic tranquility and providing for common defense.


Are any members from Michigan’s Republican delegation up to the task?

You Betcha! (10)Nuh Uh.(0)

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