Dumb All Over – Or Perhaps Cosmik Debris

No Dust of the Great Wazoo - Yet.

No more ‘Crack.’

Nope, not a chance.  At least not at Hopcat.  The utterance of such a racist word is enough to send even the strongest of today’s hyper-sensitized booze hounds panicking to a safe room of crayons, puppies, and Mi-Two-Daddie’s Frank Zappa album collection.

Just well seasoned politically correct root cuts are being served now.  The fail of the millennial condition plods forward with no ketchup and less spice than one might expect from an over-hyped bar with a deep fryer in the back.  The new name for what used to be called ‘Crack fries’ is literally cosmic ..man.  From the Detroit News

“The inspiration for the name comes from Mark Sellers’ (our founder), love of Frank Zappa. One of Zappa’s classic songs, ‘Cosmik Debris,’ mentions ‘the oil of Aphrodite’ and ‘the dust of the great wazoo.’ We’ve yet to incorporate these ingredients into our seasoning, but you never know what the future holds.”

No Valley Girls welcome in these establishments.

Too 80s.

Like OMG

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    January 16, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Valley Girl? BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Frank was mocking them in his music and, young bimbo girls everywhere played it incessantly without a clue the joke was on- them.

    If only millennial hipsters such as Mark Sellers, weren't so pathetically emasculated, they would know that Frank Zappa pushed Freedom of Speech boundaries smack in the face of what is now today's herd of perpetually offend about something losers.

    Think Hopcat locations in Metro Detoilet will be playing this Zappa tune? Rashida Tlaib, Linda Soursor, and Abbas Hamideh, trigger warning: https://rightmi.com/tomorrow-marks-a-fast-train-ride-to-nowhere/


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