Whistling past the graveyard

There are a couple of stories making the rounds, that taken individually, might not pique everyone’s interest for very long, but taken collectively should be sounding alarm bells at the highest levels of what passes for leadership in the Michigan Republican Party.

Especially considering who was the actual cause behind it.

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The first has to do with a story in The Detroit Free Press regarding the shift in the makeup of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

For decades, the makeup of the board has shifted towards Republican Control.

The actions of (some) fiscal responsibility should be self-evident; balanced (and proactive) county budgets, economic growth and growing population just to name a few. Generally, not a bad place to live.

However, primarily due to blatantly disrespecting the base coupled along with the mass exodus from Detroit into the inner ring suburbs, that all changed last November when the board flipped 11-10 towards the democrats.

Oh sure, you might see some population growth from people comfortable in living off of what the government has forcibly taken from those who produce here in Michigan. How else can they continue to be comfortable unless their “families” are growing?

But those balanced budgets along with economic growth? As soon as they muster up enough courage to act upon their core philosophy, just how long it is before you see them implement the “From each according to their ability to each according to their need” – brand of economics we are now seeing in other states where they control the levers of power?

A quick check of the mailing addresses of one of the last batch of transgressors during the last campaign cycle should tell you all you need to know regarding which direction they want to take Oakland County.

“But what about Brooks?” you may chime in?

Certainly he’ll keep them in check.

Even though I have had my differences with LBP on numerous issues in the past (i.e. DIA Art Tax, SMART Tax, Auto insurance reform…just to name a few), and don’t personally hate him as an individual, the man is 80 years old.

Does anyone honestly expect him to keep running for re-election to keep the Oakland BOC in check for the next decade or two?

The other article in The Detroit News had to do with the changing makeup of the Michigan Legislature.

The overall number of Republican legislators from Oakland County has decreased while those from Wayne County has gone to zero. Macomb County has remained unchanged. However, given that previously mentioned mass exodus from Detroit along with the actions of “republican judges” (Clement & Viviano) regarding the democrat party plan to gerrymander voting districts, that with certainly change in the coming years.

The candidates for MRP Chair are downplaying these reports and trying to put the usual happy spin on this.

But doing so belies the matter at hand, what would make the base shy away from voting Republican?

The tone-deafness displayed by party “leadership” when it came to bailing out Detroit (government & schools) to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in public monies, while their local communities and schools were told that no more money was available in the state budget wouldn’t have anything to do with it?

The indifference displayed by the legislature (and governor) when they jammed through a perpetual gas tax and vehicle registration hike that no one wanted?

No, that didn’t have any lasting repercussions

I’m confident that the apathetic attitude displayed by party “leadership” when it came to tax relief for Michigan Taxpayers didn’t factor into that calculus? I mean, how can the Legislature afford eliminating the Michigan Income tax when you pass items like the Gilbert Bills and display an appalling level of crony capitalism to the same as reported in today’s Detroit Free Press?

And I’m sure that little dog-and-pony show up in Lansing last August didn’t turn off the base. Nope.

I’m a little pressed for time this morning, so let me end this post by submitting this: The preliminary planning for the ’20 Election should already be underway for those interested in that race. Couple that with the indisputable fact that The Michigan Republican Party has an image problem with the base (to say nothing about the Michigan Voter) that needs to be immediately rectified should it want to remain a major party.

Or it can die a slow death and become politically irrelevant.

Your thoughts?

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  3 comments for “Whistling past the graveyard

  1. Sue Schwartz
    January 11, 2019 at 9:02 am

    KG observations spot-on! There is no GOP base. A conspiracy was afloat coming directly from never-Trumpers MI GOP leadership; i.e., to rid party positions of conservatives for swamp rats (RINO's). This was not well-thought out--or was it? For certain, this attack betrayed everyone.

    Current MI GOP leadership let the entire state down by failing to address issues before the August primary, such as Abdul's lack of constitutional credentials to even be on the ballot. The primary outcome would have been much different had they challenged this. Then, the election fraud which permeated throughout the state, but specifically in Wayne County. The testing of new election scanners further privatizing elections in an election format which is merely a "courtesy to the parties", i.e. primaries. Breaking party by-laws; making up new by-laws. .the MI GOP think's they won. I'm not falling for it.

    I hope and pray that Trump's swamp draining plan works a little faster and trickles down back to MI soon.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      January 13, 2019 at 11:37 pm

      God bless you m'am, however, you have no concept how far everything has shifted. Conservatives? A joke. Matter of fact, I'll allow Mr. Beale, to enlighten you.

      "The real battle is not conservatism vs socialism. First, conservatism is dead because there is nothing left in the West to conserve. Second, the real battle is nationalism vs global imperialism. The most recent offensive of the neo-liberal world order has failed, but its armies have not left the field and its leaders are actively developing new strategies, new tactics, and new false oppositions in order to attempt to pick up where the last attempt left off."


      Until you see it, they win.

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