So, where is the REAL “Constitutional Crisis”?

This is a buzzword that you’re going to be hearing quite a bit over the next several days.

The democrats, along with their willing accomplices in the republican party (NO, this is NOT a typo), are going to be pulling out all of the stops and throw a temper tantrum worthy of a three-year old child as they allow the crisis along our southern border to fester and grow while they try obfuscate along with deflecting attention away from and prolong the problem for as long as they can.

Turning away potential voters/cheap labor/brand spanking new entitlement recipients does not bode well during the next election cycle.

Oh, and there’s more…

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This story is dove-tailing from one I put up last week regarding Michigan AG Nessel and her inexplicable insistence with signing on with a multi-state lawsuit from fellow democrat Attorneys General fighting President Trump’s emergency declaration of a crisis and subsequent allocation of funds to begin the process fulfilling one of his campaign promises to finally build The Wall.

Did I mention that it was initiated under California AG Xavier Becerra in the 9th circus Circuit?

I held off on posting this for a couple of days because “our” AG didn’t feel that it was necessary to tell Michigan exactly what she was doing and why.

Okay, so the why isn’t as much of a mystery since she’s a democrat.

Just watch me “wow” you with my legal acumen!.

However, her argument for signing off on this was.

I, and I’ll venture to guess many of you reading this, wondered why a Michigan AG felt that our state had any standing whatsoever in a case such as this.

After reading her filing on “our“ behalf, it still doesn’t.

After getting my hands on a copy and going through it, her rationale made about as much sense as her traveling in person and giving a lecture regarding her marital status to Daesh.

Here is exactly what she had to say:

“Attorney General Dana Nessel is the chief legal officer of the State of Michigan and her powers and duties include acting in federal court in matters of concern to the People of Michigan, to protect Michigan residents. Fieger v. Cox, 734 N.W.2d 602, 604 (Mich. Ct. App. 2007); Mich. Comp. Laws §§ 14.28, 14.101. This action is brought to protect the interests of the People of Michigan.

The Michigan National Guard has over 10,000 soldiers and airmen, employs a substantial number of employees on a full-time basis, and operates over 40 facilities in the state. The Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs receives a majority of its funding from the federal government. On information and belief, it performs missions training and prepares citizen soldiers and airmen to respond to, among other things, state emergencies, military support, and protection of local communities. Loss of funding negatively impacts this vital service for the People of Michigan.”

Her argument is specious, at best.

The monies that Pres. Trump will be re-allocating have NOT been obligated already.

Unless her Magic 8-Ball is better than my Magic 8-Ball (highly doubtful), she will have an interesting time telling Michiganians which projects will be negatively affected by this funding.

She also bases her unwarranted actions citing the, “flagrant disregard of fundamental separation of powers”.

Ever notice how the democrats embrace The Constitution when they feel it is to their advantage?

“I know that we can find something to use against Trump in here if we just keep looking!”

It’s a shame that they never truly studied what it actually says.

Yes, Article 1, Section 1 clearly and unequivocally states that,  “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

And do you know what that branch of government had done?

Why, they wrote laws, of course!

Let me cite three of them right off the bat that allow Pres. Trump to invoke a national emergency:.

33 USC § 2293, 10 USC § 2808 and my personal fav, 10 USC § 284.

Oh, the irony! Using laws that Congress itself had written to do get things done!

Now to make her office even more inconsistent; did you know that AG Nessel is an (allegedly) big defender against human trafficking?

Again, from her own office:

“Around the country, and right here in Michigan, men, women and children are forced into prostitution, domestic servitude and other labor for little or no pay. Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery and is a large and growing criminal industry worldwide.

The Michigan Attorney General is leading the fight against this horrific crime by prosecuting the state’s first-ever criminal cases under state law banning human trafficking in Michigan.

Victims of human trafficking are in bondage through force, fraud or coercion, for the purpose of sex or labor exploitation.

Our children are especially at risk, a staggering number of human trafficking cases involve the sexual exploitation of a child. The Attorney General, as the top law enforcement officer in Michigan, remains dedicated to protecting our children and upholding our Constitution to guarantee fundamental freedom for all.”

Hmmm, now exactly how do you suppose some those people were brought here against their will in the first place, AG Nessel?

From WaPo:

“Within this exodus, a small number of cases have particularly troubled the town. Some parents have given up their children to other adults — sometimes for cash — to help the adult enter the United States, according to town officials, charity workers and residents. These transactions sometimes involve a minor traveling with a relative or godparent; in other cases, they say, the adult has no relation to the child.

Such arrangements are referred to, euphemistically, as “adoptions.”

U.S. border security officials say they, too, are concerned by the growing number of adults showing up with children who are not their own, a symptom of what they call a worsening humanitarian crisis that puts families and children in the hands of predatory smuggling networks.“

Sorry, but you cannot have it both ways!

If you’re against something, you’re either all-in or all-out. There are no gray areas here.

This is only one front of a multi-pronged attack by democrats and their republican allies on President Trump and his actions to keep America safe.

Another one of those you’ll be hearing about this week, between the Muller non-report report and the summit with North Korea, has to do with a bill worming its way through Congress: S-326.

The democrats are trying to undo Pres. Trump’s actions by invoking the National Emergencies Act.

This is where you’ll be hearing plenty of mentions of that “Constitutional Crisis” speaking point by not only democrats, but sadly, from some republicans as well.

Oh, and did I mention that Michigan’s own Debbie Stabenow is one of S-326 co-sponsors?

Way to go. Looking out for your home state Sen. Stabenow!

Still as true as ever!

If you want to see The Wall finally get built, I’d strong advise contacting your elected officials in the House to see that the democrats DO NOT get a veto-proof majority when this eventually comes up for a vote.


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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    February 26, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Aren't Nessel and Stabenow the epitome of constitution crises? And MI is a hub of human trafficking, as well as illegals entering through the U.P. from Canada. But what do I know. I heard if you're in need of a 20 man raft, you can pick one up along the shores of the U.P. any day especially during the summer. No doubt the D-Rats are aware of the ex post facto doctrine in the Constitution.

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