Gretchenomics and Campus Bolshevism

But before we get into Whitmer’s “free” college scheme, a video.

That may as well have been filmed at U of M-Ann Arborstan or, Lansing’s Moo U.

But, I digress.

Now, onto the Gretchenomics of Whitmer’s “free” campus indoctrination device, which is deceptively referred to as the MI Opportunity Scholarship.

“If you are willing to put in the work, you’re going to have a path to succeed in Michigan,” she said to cheers at the address.

For students graduating from Michigan high schools, the proposed MI Opportunity scholarship — which the legislature would need to agree to fund — provides two basic paths. Both require students to have lived in Michigan for at least one year, and maintain in good academic standing at their chosen higher education institution. And to get the scholarship, a student has to start in the fall after they graduate high school.

In-state tuition at a public university in Michigan, plus room and board, averaged $21,943 in 2017-18. That number concerns Whitmer.

“That is the 10th highest in the nation, and it is a complete barrier for a lot of people in our state,” she said.

As always with socialist-minded purveyors of using other people’s money the conversation never will address why the costs are so high every time government is involved. This is not to mention that the Gretchenomics of it all is government sanctioned discrimination on all others who choose to forgo attending the aforementioned indoctrination centers while carving out a path to their careers when every April 15th rolls around.

My hope is that the Republican Majority in Lansing, completely abandon Whitmer’s wealth redistribution education scheme, however, now that Mike Shirkey is SML, well, he has proven in the past that he is not reliable when it comes that.

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  1. Matthew Schoech
    March 3, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Interesting and indicative for this day and age.. But Larry Grathwohl, now deceased, was an undercover agent for law enforcement in the 70's. Grathwohl was also a high level Currier for the Weather Underground and gave this testimony as to re-education centers USA and what American campus socialist professors expected to be done with those of us who couldn't be re-educated

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