Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Or, current events that might come as a shock to you.

Did you catch the story about Virginia wanting to pass an infanticide law? Don’t worry, someone threw a similar bill in the hopper here in Michigan.

The answer is probably not. The democrats speaking out in favor of that story got it buried after their democrat Governor was exposed liking to pose either in blackface or with a sheet over his head (and no, I don’t mean cosplaying as the villain in a Scooby Doo episode).

Did you catch the story about the democrats plan to address health care in America? As if, Obamacare isn’t as much of a spectacular train wreck as it is. Probable not, it seems that Team “d” is still working out how to package it, in order to make it palatable to voters.

Did you catch the story about the democrats plan to “reform” tax rates? The economic wunderkind from The Bronx is looking at taking 70% of your paycheck before you even see it. Her muslim comrade house colleague is shooting for 90%. Again, probably not.

How about the American jobs and economic numbers for the previous month?

What! Are you kidding?

Now, this might come as a shock to most readers, but despite the top-notch job for what passes for news media here in America today, (I know, I know, that whole “global warming”-thing really took a toll on everyone last week), President Trump will be giving his State of the Union Speech this Tuesday from the floor of the US House Chambers.

What might be part of that speech you may ask yourself?

Let me throw out there an idea (or two).

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We already know that Pres.Trump still wants to keep his campaign promise to The American People he made a little over two years ago.

I wish that it were “Jail Hillary!”, but my reading on that subject leads me to believe that will take considerable longer than even he first envisioned was possible. Even far longer than I have time to write about in just one post tonight.

Not quite yet.

What I’m talking about today is the initiation of construction regarding The Wall.

Alas, we’ve all seen how much support we can expect to receive from The Republican Party on this issue.

“Squish” McConnell pulled some parliamentary tricks in order remove any leverage that we had at this point to re-open the partially shut down government, much to the abject disgust of most Conservatives.

We had also learned last week that former House Speaker, “Lyin” Paul Ryan mendaciously reported to Pres. Trump that The Wall would be on his short to-do list, if he would only sign off on a Continuing Resolution Bill to avoid an earlier government shutdown.

I don’t think that I need to remind readers how well THAT deal went?

Which leads us to this week’s SOTU speech: What will he say?

I’d say that Team “d” already has the response already in the can and ready to air, but watching Speaker Pelosi mangle what should’ve been a cake-walk of a press conference, I have serious doubts that woman even knows what planet she‘s on at the moment, If she cannot read what’s on a piece of paper right in front of her on a lectern, how will she remember what was said by a Team “d” talking head just a few days ago?

Be that as it may, we all know why democrats don’t want The Wall.

What they’re afraid of, and Pres. Trump has telegraphed (rope-a-doped?) them numerous times already, is that he will declare the invasion force massing (and growing) at our southern border, a national emergency and act accordingly.

Instead of standing up and protecting Americans, democrats are pooh-poohing the idea with the standard canned talking points: it’s immoral, expensive, ineffective, etc.

What even more disappointing is that some on the Republican side are now joining in. Michigan’s own Rep. Justin Amash Tweeted just a few days ago that Pres. Trump can’t just invoke an emergency where none exists.

The Chief of the US Border Patrol Carla Provost, Members of Angel Moms or members of American Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC) would strongly disagree with Amash’s “learned assessment” of the border situation. I’d strongly recommend that Rep. Amash have a talk with any (or all) of them and then get back to us.

Hey, Rep. Amash? Why aren’t you talking about someone with a little more knowledge than you regarding a particular subject?

Until about a day ago, I was leaning towards Pres. Trump using the SOTU speech as a forum to announce that he would be declaring a national emergency along the southern border and would act accordingly.

That was until a got a text from a friend of mine with a link to a video from Rep. Mo Brooks and a link to USC.

The relevant video was taken during a House Armed Services Committee meeting last Tuesday regarding Southern Border Troop Deployments.

In the video, Rep. Brooks outlined the problems that these “migrants” were posing to America socially and financially (especially in the area of drugs and human trafficking). Afterwards he asked the Defense Undersecretary for Policy John Rood if our military could be employed to initiate construction of The Wall under US law, specifically 10 USC § 284. The Undersecretary responded that if it was a lawful order, and added that he saw no reason why it would not be, that it would.

That clip (and link) brought a smile to my face.

If Pres. Trump goes that route, and I’m of the very strong opinion that he will ( & keeping the emergency declaration on the table by not using it at this time), this places the democrats in a very untenable position.

For starters, the military is totally outside of their purview. The military’s budget has already been approved, and the matter is totally out of their hands.

Second, when (not if) these “migrants” act up by attempting to rush our border again, and they will, it won’t just be the Army Corps of Engineers who will be there after that occurrence. I do not see Pres. Trump allowing he military to do the job that Congress won’t do without a little more firepower to back them up if their well-being is threatened. Even Team “d” will have a hard time if anyone from our military comes to harm.

Stay tuned…

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  3 comments for “Lead, follow or get out of the way!

  1. Corinthian Scales
    February 4, 2019 at 12:04 am

    KG, this is another reason why you're bitching is irrelevant, and only serves to hurts Trump. Grow up, why same reason in past Nick DeLuewwhoohoo's phaggotry (Kasich lover) is reason for you on this site?


    Getting old... not a goddamn thing alleviates your bitching. I won't quite anoint you as the Ann Coulter of Michigan, but you're close.

    You Betcha! (0)Nuh Uh.(7)
  2. Sue Schwatrz
    February 4, 2019 at 11:52 am

    The main thing is will PEELOSeri be sitting behind him in white? And what color tie will our VP wear? (We got bets going). Then, the illegals being brought in as guests--how will they get access???? Isn't that a security risk???? Will Ginsberg be there, a photo of her, or her ashes?? I heard a hearse made a run to her house last week. (My guess they'll announce her demise 2/6/19, when it was probably 1/28/19). Of course, Trump will talk about all the successes--ho hum. I'm expecting Voter ID talk. Subtle messages that will go over the heads of most--(re watch the Al Smith Dinner Speech 19 days before the 2Q16 election) will be made with carefully chosen words. No talk about the government's next partial shut-down. BEWARE the IDES of February.

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