Michigan Senate Republicans invoke “leadership” strategy gleaned from watching South Park.

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any stranger?

I bet you’re wondering which strategy that is?

Well, wait no longer (Here’s a hint: We’re at Phase 1)

{Click below the fold for details.}

In case you haven’t heard by now, Michigan Senate Republicans jammed through a package of bills to address funding Michigan Roads.

Some of the details that we know so far include:

  • A 15-cent hike in the Michigan Fuel tax, phased in at 4-cent increments during the first two years, 7-cents during the third year and then indexed to inflation after that.
  • A “cut” in the Michigan Income Tax rate should state revenues exceed the rate of inflation (this is the tax cut which should have been in place by now were it not for that actions of Republicans in the legislature along with “republican” Governor Rick Snyder).
  • Electric and Hybrid vehicles will be hit with a “fee” hike.
  • $700-million to be cut from other areas of the budget which will be determined at a later date.

The package literally squeaked by razor-thin margins of 19-19 with Detroit Sen. Virgil “gangsta wannabe” Smith breaking ranks with his own caucus and supporting these bills.

Remembering the dilemma faced when Sen. Colbeck voted “present” during the Snydercaid fiasco (a majority was needed for these bills to go forward), Lil’ Guv Brian “the conservative voice” inside the Snyder administration™ Calley, was secreted into the State Capitol by the republican kakistocracy and held at the ready, should that moment occur again (which it did…Calley cast several tie-breaking votes).

The package of bills is slated to go to the Michigan House after they get back from their vacation.

If approved in its present form, this will make Michigan the second highest tax rate for fuel in the nation.

Let me to recap because this is important to grasp, to generate the $1.4-billion target they are looking at:

  1. Fuel taxes in Michigan will increase to the second highest rate in the country.
  2. Something, to be determined at a later date, will be cut to raise the remaining $700-million.
  3. Electric Vehicles will be paying more in fees.

There’s a gap in Sen Meekhof’s logic of raising $1.4-billion in new revenue big enough for me to drive my truck through.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It should.

Remember this?

It shouldn’t be necessary to remind anyone here that the more Lansing takes away from your wallet (i.e. increased gas tax) , the less you have to spend in the things that you need. Also, when you jack up the price of Diesel, my boss will jack up the price that you pay at the store (it’s a vicious circle).

The sad part here is that should this get approved, the punch line isn’t anywhere near funny at all.



Here we see Michigan Senator Marty Knollenberg, Lil’ Guv Brian “the conservative voice” inside the Snyder administration™ Calley, Michigan Senator Wayne Schmidt , Michigan Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof and Michigan Senator Dale Zorn posing while discussing their overall plan for “fixing” Michigan’s Roads.

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  5 comments for “Michigan Senate Republicans invoke “leadership” strategy gleaned from watching South Park.

  1. Corinthian Scales
    July 2, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Fuck every one of them above.

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  2. Jason
    July 2, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Wes Nakagiri

    For Immediate Release
    Nakagiri would have cast the tie breaking vote to defeat the gas tax hike

    Hartland, MI - Wes Nakagiri, a 2014 Republican candidate for Lt Governor, expressed outrage over the Michigan Senate’s vote to increase gas taxes. As he did in his first term, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, who is also the President of the State Senate, cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of raising taxes on Michigan families. “This is not the first time that Calley cast the tie-breaking vote to raise taxes on the citizens of Michigan. He also cast the deciding vote to increase taxes on senior pensions,” said Nakagiri.

    Republicans supplied 19 of the 20 votes needed to pass the gas tax increase, while all but one Democrat voted in opposition. Many conservatives bemoan the fact that it used to be Republicans who stood up for taxpayers. “I think the public is beginning to see that not all Republicans are created equal. There are many who campaign as conservatives but legislate as liberals,” said Nakagiri.

    Nakagiri went on to say, “If citizens are tired of tax hikes they need to vote in primary elections and choose the candidates who truly believe in holding the line on taxes. Voting in the general election is not good enough. Just having an (R) behind their name is not good enough.”

    Citizens can also make their voices be heard by becoming convention delegates. It is convention delegates who choose the party's nominee for Lt. Governor and other important statewide offices.

    As this gas tax vote illustrates, the Lt. Governor plays an important role in public policy. "I imagine Republican convention delegates are having second thoughts and upset stomaches over their support for Calley," said Nakagiri. "My only advice to former Calley supporters, Pepto Bismol does a great job on the upset stomach, but nothing will get rid of that bad taste in their mouths."


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  3. Sue Schwartz
    July 2, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Finally, a concrete issue for recall petitions.....

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  4. KG One
    July 2, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Not that I disagree with your suggestion, but our energies could be better (and easier) spent "jamming through" something of our own: A Part-Time Legislature.

    I don't know what was said or done behind those close doors earlier this week (Sen Virgil Smith's actions strongly demonstrate that some quid pro very probably occurred), but when legislators become more fearful of calling MARVIN because of their vote didn't sit too well with their constituency back home, it might not eliminate shady backroom deals like this from ever reoccurring, but it will certainly make it much harder to pull off again in the future.

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