It’s a shame that we cannot apply this elsewhere?



At the behest of Michigan Republican Party State Committee Member Matt Hall, it has been announced on multiple news outlets today that Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel has removed MRP Grassroots Vice Chair Wendy Day from her position due to comments made on Fox 2 Detroit last week regarding her unwillingness to support Donald Trump for President.

Citing party bylaws (and the teachings of Saul Alinsky), Mr. Hall claimed that her refusal to support ALL Republican party candidates on the ballot necessitated her removal from the position.

Mrs. Day issued a statement which can be read here.

It’s too bad that those bylaws are limited to only certain republicans?

I cannot help but think what would happen if they were applied to him, this guy or even these guys?

Just something to think about…

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  1. Sue Schwartz
    October 18, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    I have recent memory when Grand Traverse GOP made a resolution against former Gov. Milliken's endorsement of a non-republican candidate and all the hoopla it caused. At issue was not his endorsement, but rather his doing so under his "republican" status. Wendy Day has been this way all along--even back in January at "Battlecry" when met with opposition to her support of Cruz, she attacked. And, somewhere along the way, she lost sight of just what part of the state party she was representing. We Grassrooters have minds like elephants and tend to be passionate about who we support--while Wendy is no different in this regard, her failure to board the Trump Train put her outside the caboose with Brian Calley has her partner. It's simply unbelievable to me that there's all this political suicide going on.

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  2. JD
    October 19, 2016 at 6:24 am

    I'll say it again:

    History will read that those claiming to "change" the GOP never used any nationwide demanded public support of Trump to "cleanse" the GOP.

    Wendy's public sacrifice doesn't mean a hill of beans. She was trotted out for appearances (only) so that the MiGOP elite could be viewed as pro-Trump for appearance sakes (only).
    This is is no different than 33 elite Republicans in Grand Traverse supporting Milliken (Hilary) yet never expending a dime of political capital by revealing who they are.

    It is no different than TeaPartiers crashing a MiGOP party while refusing to demand that all partiers swear their allegiance to Trump PUBLICLY.

    When you witness TPers crying about "no-vote-of-the-people-required" on every issue **BUT** bloated lifetime pensions for either themselves and/or their family/friends?

    You're not going to witness a big demand for (elite) MiGOP *public* Trump support from the very Republicans either greasing their palms or in effect forcing them to stand on principle regarding that very issue.

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  3. JD
    October 19, 2016 at 6:38 am

    ...and for those who believe that the "NeverTrump" effort isn't spread across ALL political parties lacking the guts to stand up for anything which doesn't pad their own wallets...try 'this' app on for size:

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