Giant Killers

"Biblical" might be the word applied to recent political electoral happenings

goliath1The defeat of US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor yesterday has revived the hopes of tea folk across the country, and has set a different tone for the 2014 election season.

While it is only ONE race, it is a whopper; the coattails of which might have real consequence in current GOP contests. One of those is the Dan Benishek (CD-1) incumbency being challenged by business owner, veteran, and political newcomer Alan Arcand.

Arcand, who has been highly visible in Northern lower Michigan, will likely see a boost from the news of Cantor’s defeat; primarily because it drives home the reality that a successful challenge CAN be made if the incumbent is seen as giving in to the other side.  It is not all automatic for the good Dr., who rode in to a win on the tea party train of 2010.

Arcand’s team didn’t miss a beat in issuing a release to celebrate the fact that constitutional conservatives and traditional Americans have a new rallying cry in their effort to unseat ‘squishy’ GOP pols. He notes areas of policy where Dan Benishek has failed to perform.  From his press release least evening:

Dave Brat, conservative backed primary challenger to House whip Eric Cantor, was outspent in the campaign by over 20 to 1. The conservative message prevailed in Virginia, and can also win in Michigan. Several conservatives are running in primaries here in Michigan, including Alan Arcand in the 1st District. Although we deserve a fair hearing in this process, we are being drowned out by PAC supported RINOs that have a near monopoly on the mainstream media through massive spending on advertising. Cantor’s defeat proves the message and principle can defeat enormous amounts of money if they are on the side of the people. We applaud Mr. Brat and the people of Virginia for their courage and determination in the face of such overwhelming odds.

As well he should.

The victory over Cantor is significant, and carries another message for Arcand, who has been literally doing ‘retail politics’ in the first congressional district.  Door to door was how it was done in VA-07, and it is what Arcand and his entire family has been doing here.

He continues:

Like Dave Brat, I am steadfast in my determination to unseat an establishment, “go along” Republican incumbent. Dan Benishek promised to adhere to conservative principles in his campaign, and to uphold the Constitution while in office; he has done neither. He has consistently voted to undermine Americans’ rights by voting for the Patriot Act, indefinite military detention of Americans on American soil, two Continuing Resolutions, and a Democrat budget that broke the meager sequester put in place by Congressional inaction. He represents the status quo, and votes to maintain the Federal authority over the citizens he supposedly represents. He needs to be replaced by someone that will represent the people of Michigan and their children’s future. I will let the Constitution be my guide as 1st District Representative, and always side with the rights of the people and the State of Michigan over the Federal government.

Much of the messaging is the same.

Though Benishek has not given an indication of support for immigration reform at the level of Cantor (the issue which may have been the trigger for the 45 point swing), there are significant issues & differences that separate the two.  The promises made and not kept cannot be understated however.

Can money into the primary challenger’s pockets be helped by this?

The spending in VA-07 was skewed 25:1 in favor of Eric Cantor.  Apparently the message has value in and of itself.  The ability of the candidate to express that message is valuable too, but as noted in other posts on this site, MONEY is the mothers milk of politics.

Arcand has done a fairly decent job of fundraising already, and can be far more efficient carrying a strong message.  He can expect to pick up a few more financial supporters from the I-Like-To-Back-A-Winner crowd.  There are people who LIKE to win, and will now be more open to putting resources out for the message they actually prefer.

The BIG MONEY of course comes from those sources more aligned with ‘cronyism’.  Arcand’s release says:

It should also be noted here that Eric Cantor was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which also endorses Dr. Benishek. The Chamber supports amnesty for illegals, as does Mr. Cantor, I wonder where Dan Benishek fits into this equation? Where was Mr. Benishek’s indignation over the plight of America’s veterans for the past 4 years? He sits on the House Veterans Affairs committee, and on its oversight and investigations subcommittee. It should be obvious to the voters of northern Michigan that Congressman Benishek is looking after his own interests, not theirs. I promise I will represent the people and the State of Michigan, and uphold the limits placed on the Federal government by the Constitution of the United States.

Bringing the package together at the point where voters departed from Cantor’s camp.

The US Chamber and our own chambers have slid into the public-private partnership game a little too far.  The immigration reform issue has been a part of their platform for cheap labor, and they have had willing pols in their pockets for long enough to bring about the borders crisis we now face.

If Arcand’s message breaks through in MI-01 like David Brat’s in VA-07, it will mean an increase in the constitutional conservative numbers in the US House, and make it harder for capitulation with the destructive policies of the Democrat left, and the most tyrannical administration in the history of our country.

David and Goliath met in Virgina last night.

Incumbency is a big thing to overcome.  It takes a great deal of perseverance and fortitude to defeat the machine, and entrenched politicians, and in this case, the doors are further apart.  This is a mighty task to be done.

But if more finances become a reality as the result of the VA-07 race, then a well thrown pebble might find its target in Michigan as well.

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  4 comments for “Giant Killers

  1. Jason
    June 11, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    of course we shouldn't forget the challenger to Upton..

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  2. Susan
    June 12, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    The perfect storm is brewing--Most interesting in this upset is the $2Mil (Cantor) v $175K (Brat) war chests.

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  3. Bernd Krebs
    June 16, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Don't forget Upton's apprentice, Alton Pscholka. He is in the fight for his political life. Two terms and some hard left votes and the electorate is fed up with him down here in the 79th. Cindy Duran has a huge team on the ground, the same team that went out for Alton the last two cycles...Now they are out there for Cindy. Also, Jim Walker has Dave Pagel in the 78th on the ropes....Giant killers indeed.

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    • Jason
      June 16, 2014 at 7:55 pm

      Indeed! If anyone can bring it home its that team.

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