Small Victories

Cantor succumbs to conservatives


Small Victories

I keep telling the conservative activists I work with each campaign cycle that they need to look for the ‘small victories’ achieved in any election, rather than dwell on any defeat. The defeats far outnumber the victories. The letdown is tremendous, not only is the air let out of your balloon, but a huge rock is placed on top of it. At my age, and with my political objectives set from local races to national ones, reinflating that balloon requires some major time and effort. The time is spent ‘under the rock’ just wondering what one individual can accomplish against a political system so corrupt and weighted against any ‘outsider’ that victory appears impossible. That is when I think of my grandkids. That is when I think of ‘my’ America compared to what theirs will be, and I remove the ‘rock’. The ‘small victories’ reinflate my balloon. The Scott Brown victory to gain the “Kennedy Seat”; I joined the “Brown Brigade” to do what I could from my keyboard in Michigan, lining up phone bank volunteers from across the country to help him win. It inspired me to do more. Three election cycles, two local recall battles, and the defeat of a horrendous tax millage later; it is the small victories that keep me focused on the goal of restoring the greatest nation and society this planet has ever seen. Last night was a ’small victory’…HUGE in its effect on the rest of the 2014 elections, and ONE in particular…the Michigan 1st District primary.

I’ve had a feeling of a different version of ‘climate change’, this time, the political winds are changing. The campaign promises of Dan Benishek lie in broken pieces across four years of establishment party politics. The people he was elected to represent are tired of the same rhetoric and inaction; the complete lack of ‘spine’ , the ‘fluff’ PRs and ads. We want to hear the bald truth. We want commitment to conservative American principles and values. We want someone to stand for those as our representative in Washington. This isn’t a political party thing, it’s an AMERICAN thing. We want our country back. Virginia said it in spades yesterday, the ‘establishment’ was kicked in the teeth. Eric Cantor was found guilty of representing himself and the bug government he was part and parcel of by the voters of VA-07. The only work he was busy doing in that district was apparently a substantial effort to purge the Republican local parties of conservatives. Evidently, that backfired. There is a message in that somewhere for the rest of the nation’s establishment Repubicans…”Use us, or lose us.”…Cantor lost us.

Both Boehner and McConnell have disparaged the conservative base in the GOP publicly, Boehner held his seat, but will most likely lose his gavel. l would expect McConnell may not be handed one after the November elections should the Senate flip to the GOP. Cantor’s defeat also has implications for the Presidential field in 2016, ‘moderates’ offered by the establishment will be rejected out of hand, hopefully in the primaries this time around. No more McCains or Romneys…no more Bushes or Doles. Use us or lose us. The time for true change is coming, the climate has shifted, the ’small victories’ are becoming larger…we are gaining yards now instead of inches.

Dan Benishek is a hand picked Beltway establishment number on a seat in the House, nothing more. It’s past time to elect a true representative of the people of northern Michigan. One such individual is running, his name is Alan Arcand.


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