Gary Peters, Governerd Rick Snyder, and Gun Control

Bloomberg has a story about the “Paltry” Democrat freshman class, whose only lawmaker elected is Gary Peters of Michigan.

Michigan is a good example of why the efforts to repeal the 17th Amendment makes clear sense.  The framers of the constitution intended for senators to be picked by the legislatures of the respective states, and for the past four years in Michigan and for the future four years, Michigan will be dominated by Republicans.  If the 17th Amendment had never been instituted a hundred years ago by progressivist constitution destroyers, it is highly unlikely that Michigan would have either Debbie Stabenow or the newly elected Gary Peters as senators, since they are both Democrats.

But to truly understand who the voters of Michigan picked as their newest Senator, you really do not need to go any further than Bloomberg.

Michael BloombergAfter leaving elected office as mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, the anti-Second Amendment billionaire, has been working to be the counterweight to the NRA.  He is the founder and owner of Bloomberg LP He means business on gun control, and flexed his muscle in the 2014 elections by contributing over $20 million dollars.  It is worth noting that he did not spend his money for short term gain alone, he is in it for the long haul, spending $50 million to start a  grassroots gun control network called Everytown that claims to be for gun safety, but it is for gun control.  Above education, above immigration, gun control is Bloomberg’s number one issue, and he is focusing all of his attention and resources toward it.  As he told the New York Times, “You have to be careful if there’s two issues you care about, and they’re good on one, bad on the other, what do you do? And I think you’ve got to pick your issue. In our case, my case, it’s guns,” he told the New York Times. “I care very much about immigration. But guns are the No. 1 thing.”

Bloomberg LP contributed $14,400 to Gary Peters in 2014.  So what, you might say, that’s not a large sum of money from a billionaire.  Well, the average contribution to candidates was between $3,700 and $5,630 and Peters was the second highest recipient of campaign contributions from Bloomberg behind Cory Booker.

Michigan's new Senator Gary Peters

Michigan’s new Senator Gary Peters

It’s not a random thing that Bloomberg singled out Gary Peters, as his priority. His gun control group surveyed all federal candidates in 2014, as well as had them fill out a questionnaire, publicly stating their interest in “gun safety” which is a euphemism for gun control.

The key to understanding gun issue lingo, is to look for the Orwellian newspeak term, “gun safety.” “Gun safety” equals “background checks” equals “database” equals registry of all guns.  It means that the government knows who owns what, and from there it is easier for government to harass and target lawful gun owners.  Bloomberg’s nice-sounding term “gun safety” is his way of saying “gun control,” because he can’t get away with saying “gun control.”  But through dishonest measures, every gun owner must understand, he is saying it, and national gun control is his goal.

During the 2014 election, the NRA warned of a measure that was being put to the voters in the State of Washington.  Bloomberg contributed to that initiative, which did indeed pass, and as the NRA predicted, will be used as a successful test case to be tried across the nation.

Gary Peters is the lone new star in the Senate that Bloomberg is counting on to push for his “gun safety” measures as well as his support for “women’s reproductive rights” which is also newspeak for abortion-on-demand. It was in the Detroit News that Bloomberg’s spokesman admitted, “that the former mayor supported Peters because of his support for women’s reproductive rights and gun safety.”

Bloomberg also supports Peters, a Bloomfield Township Democrat, because of his “pretty well-deserved reputation as one of its most independent and moderate leaders” and will “defend his brand of independent leadership” in the U.S. Senate, Loeser said.

Gun control and abortion on demand are not moderate stances.

snyderThe heartbreak for constitutional conservatives and other Second Amendment backers in Michigan is, that Republican Governor Snyder was also glowingly endorsed by Bloomberg who not only fundraised for the Michigan Governerd, but also contributed over $2 million through his super PAC Independence USA, in ads to help reelect him.

Now, knowing what you know about Bloomberg’s candidate test on education, immigration or gun control, and knowing that on the surface, Bloomberg stated he backed Snyder on education and immigration, you Michiganders out there have been warned about what Bloomberg expects for his money, efforts and endorsement.

“His endorsements come as little surprise.” from Deadline Detroit.

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