Senator Richardville: You are not a stupid man.

So, let’s see if I got this straight:

You have a “conservative” majority in the Michigan Senate.

You have a “conservative” majority in the Michigan House.

You have a guy who only slapped on a republican moniker after his name because he knew that was the only chance that he had of ever getting elected governor back in ’10.

And with only 9 scheduled days left in your term (after today), you want to literally relieve yourself in the punch bowl and gleefully hand out samples to Michigan Motorists telling them it actually is Dom Perignon because…

…help me out here?

{Continued after the fold}

This issue is so exceedingly simple to remedy, if anything above the fold was actually true, I’m still having a problem rationalizing why it is taking so long to solve.

The Jackson Citizen Patriot did a piece this morning regarding Senator Richardville’s plans for the remaining days in this term of the Michigan Legislature.

And at the top of his list?

Passing a “road funding” package before December 18th. And starting today at 10:00am, if you can believe it.

If you are asking yourself, didn’t we already go down this path before? Short answer is; “Yes”, we did back in June.

Higher vehicle registration fees. Higher wholesale taxes. Changing truck weight laws/fines. Anything that meant Michigan Motorists (and Michigan Businesses, cannot forget about them here as well), was put into the hopper for consideration.

Fortunately, higher taxes to raise the “necessary” funding for Michigan Roads wasn’t adopted, because to put it very bluntly: ANY politician who dared to vote for higher taxes before an election was worried about being Cantor’d (for a great example of what happen to those elected officials who go mustang on the people they represent, see the final chapter in Rep. Foster’s political career).

What I cannot understand is why is using what is already out there apparently off of the table?

Oh sure, you have the professional political parasites sending out press releases condemning the spending of revenue from where it was collected, on what it should have been going 100% towards in the first place.

But, who listens to those people anyway.

Hey, I know! How about looking a little closer to home for solutions?

Senator Colbeck pointed out several suggestions not that many weeks ago. For those who are interested, he even went a into little more detail. They even (GASP!), adhere to his own party’s stated principles.

The good people at the Mackinac Center put out a number of great ideas of funding roads.

Even those rabblerousers at some website called “Right Michigan” threw in a suggestion or two.

You want to leave a legacy worth remembering Sen. Richardville?

Here’s a suggestion: Keep your hands out of our wallets (at the pump and the SoS) and work with what you already have to work with.

You just might be surprised by the outcome of your actions.

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  1 comment for “Senator Richardville: You are not a stupid man.

  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 13, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    If this is to shame Richardville, it's a waste of time. Bigger problem is this sphincter...

    Yes, Dick got his guy...

    Arlan's Senate will perform the same as the way Modus OpeRandy did - both assholes.

    You Betcha! (2)Nuh Uh.(0)

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