Cuban and Gilbert On HB5606

Perhaps it takes a rent seeker to know a rent seeker?

I have spoken to a couple of representatives about the passage of HB5606, disappointed with the way that they voted.

One says “It was not at all presented to us in this way,” remarking that he would have voted differently if he had only fully understood it.  This of course revealing that sleight of hand, obfuscation, and maybe a little laziness by representatives is easily exploited in Lansing. Should there be any wonder why a certain amount of time must pass before bills are voted on in their finality?

This competition limiting act is perhaps a little rent seeking at its best, and flat out corruption by those who designed the changes.

Two folks whom I regard as rent seekers in their own right are correct in this video; Dan Gilbert in particular. But when he says “Man up and compete” with regard to the automakers? 


Oh, and thank you Representative Tom McMillin for actually paying attention.

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  1. Tim Bos
    November 13, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Jason, you've either been lied to by those legislators, or exposed to people completely ignorant of our Founding Principles- and quite possibly both.

    Whatever the case may be, this bill is just another indication of what a cesspool of greed, power lust, and constitutional ignorance Lansing has become.

    I'm absolutely disgusted with the entire legislature, and fear for my young son's future as a Michigan citizen.

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