Michigan statewide results are unworthy of certification, period.

Michigan’s top election official has soiled the bed.

Not unexpected, but very real and is as evident as the mess dripping off 6tally sheets in Detroit since counting started Tuesday evening.  Giving Jocelyn Benson the benefit of the doubt, I guess we could call the entire affair ..gross incompetence.  You can decide if it is enough to explain illegal mailings, purposefully overwhelming clerks with procedure changes, and dropping late notice and unnecessary and illegal rules about firearms in election places.

Her office is apparently unavailable at the most critical times during the count, and when fraud is literally happening before folks eyes, there is no adherence to state law.  To call this ‘planned malfeasance’ would be a compliment, as the evidence piles up making the case for felony election manipulation seemingly only possible in 2020.

In 2016 there weren’t agents in Michigan’s top offices. In 2016 they didn’t see Donald Trump even having even the slightest chance of winning the ‘blue state’ of Michigan.  It’s 2020, and three criminals run the prison, and they saw him coming this time.

Antrim County offers a glimpse at what might happen when we have problems with electronic equipment and such, but Detroit is as Detroit as it has ever been, and with it’s large population, it offers great cover for the largest election fraud operation ever perpetrated on the voters in Michigan.  this state has seen it for decades, and that is why there are laws that protect the sanctity of the vote, and why there are procedures to allow challenges to illegal ballots and over counting.

This time it was overwhelming, and those laws are being ignored.  Ballots appearing after cut off times, ballots being re-run, ballots with no names being run?  Challengers are being kept away from inspecting after calling out these problems, and a majority of this action happening in one particular place.

Any judge looking to answer the Trump campaign’s concerns on this will have to have options however.

The reality is that because the Michigan Secretary of State has so brutalized the process, the war weariness of those who simply want an honest outcome is high.  Arguably, the fraud has an effect on the entire election and potentially ALL the results including local and state wide contests.  But the main effect is in the statewide voting, particularly the Presidential, Senatorial and judicial outcomes.

It would be a tragedy for this election to be sanctioned as being certified before the voters have an option to weigh in an a truly legitimate way.  Clearly the fraud has happened, and cannot be ignored, clearly it affects the candidate we would send to represent us in the senate, and clearly the presidential contest is in play nationwide and it plays a part there.

What can the judiciary provide as relief?  Can a judge using the evidence of procedural irregularity and blatant ignoring of state law invalidate all the votes counted from that ONE location?  Can statewide races themselves be re-done with federal enforcement of law and inspection put in place to provide the integrity of the vote?

We believe BOTH of these are valid solutions.

The leftists like to call the nation a ‘democracy,’ while those of us who are more constitutional minded prefer calling it what we were given, a ‘Republic.’

But even a ‘Democracy’ is not possible without first adhering to the rule of law.  It’s harder for those who would defraud us on either side of the spectrum to do so if procedures are in place and actually enforced.  In Detroit, they have not been and the cheaters (..and I believe Jocelyn Benson)  know it.

This time all stops have been pulled. Literally.  And our judiciary will need to see this clearly. The right decision will be a do-over of some sort that protects the interests of all voters in a way that our SoS has NOT DONE to this point.

Pray for the wisdom of Solomon, and the courage of a lion on those who are deemed to rule in this eventually.

We will be.



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  4 comments for “Do-Over

  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 5, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    It's not just POTUS and a US Senate seat at stake.


    The stakes in the race were ratcheted up after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer began promoting the candidacies of Democratic-nominated justices to take back control of the court controlled by Republican-nominated justices.

    The Democratic governor attacked the court's 4-3 GOP majority after it ruled in early October that she violated a 1976 emergency management law and used a 1945 law to exercise her COVID-19 emergency executive orders, a law that was deemed unconstitutional by the state's high court.

    Ever notice how our propaganda arm of the Democrat Party Fake News and our greasy-forehead batshit crazy-evil Big Gretch never mentions so much as a peep about SCOMI's 7 - 0 ruling? Yah, me too.

    If it's not a complete Do-Over we might as well start packing and head to South Dakota where people are normal.

    Fact: Trump will win re-election with or, without Michigan.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    November 5, 2020 at 4:23 pm


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  3. Sue Schwartz
    November 5, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Agree with everything guys. Voters are not just disenfranchised...voters have been raped leaving no DNA. And, the MIGOP is not without neglect here. For months been trying to get a challenger team throughout the state. MIGOP kept pushing poll watchers, put our app in your phone and keep track of the voters and report back to us. I kept YELLING we need challengers in AV precincts. I got high ranking witnesses to this. Attended two training classes, one done by Voter Integrity Fund which was very good with promises of handbook before we went out. Then took a class at the Victory Center which was BS. He would have been better simply playing the 28 minute video that State GOP put out which was better, but still no handbook. The guy "teaching" the class was from the RNC not the state pushing the phone app but phones are not allowed in AV precincts. For days kept asking where the credentials were. Caught up with the guy behind the table at the Trump Rally, and again asked where are the credentials. They finally came in the wee hours of Election day.

    Those credentials allow a challenger to enter every precinct in the state. I take the job seriously. I watched as AV voters spoiled their ballots to vote in person and watched as the procedure was done correctly and thanked the precinct captain for following procedure. The lines were disappointingly low compared to other years of presidential elections.

    Then there's the SOS website with 73 out of 83 counties in...and a flag across the top showing a million more voters than were registered. DID THIS NOT SEND UP FLAGS ANYWHERE??? And, if you're not aware, the video by Shane Trejo is being spun as TV video equipment. HAHAHAHAHA I saw coolers, etc. Don't be fooled, no TV station would be around at 3:30 a.m., Boxes of 138K obiden ballots brought in at 3:30a.m. simply would not fit in that little red wagon. Mathematically impossible says my math gurus.

    Then, if not adding insult to injury, the USPS on Barlow, in TC makes national news. The Cherry Festival didn't even make national news this year.

    I can't wait to see the SOS stats this time showing how many ballots were pulled due to many cause envelopes not signed. . .how many were pulled due to hand-cancelling by the Barlow P.O. That should be a separate stat, no?

    A hand count of ballots needs to be conducted. Any ballot that does not have that spiffy water mark on it, MUST NOT BE COUNTED. Its a fake ballot. Me thinks that may be 100 percent of Wayne County. There, problem solved, Trump gets 16 EC votes, John James gets sworn in 1/3/2021, and we can go to bed.

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  4. Tom Bolt
    November 8, 2020 at 5:53 am

    I wish to say something but I am so stunned that I simply do not know what to say.

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