A ‘Glitch’

Antrim County may have exposed a significant issue with voting during the 2020 Presidential election.

If it was not for a history of STRONG conservative voting in a Northern Michigan County, we might not have been aware of yet ONE more way in which Michigan’s vote is being manipulated.

This mornings discovery of a Biden win in Antrim County was by any estimation an amazing thing.  Literally ‘flipping’ the 70% GOP stronghold on its head, the vote gave the former president an unrealistic win over the popular President.  The county clerk somehow missed the obvious* after the tallies were made and the data reported up to the state.  From the Free Press:

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, a Republican who ran unopposed and won a third four-year term Tuesday in the strongly GOP county, said results on electronic tapes and a computer card were accurate but it appeared that some of the results were somehow scrambled after the cards were transported in sealed bags from township precincts to county offices and downloaded onto a computer.

In 2016, Trump won Antrim County with about 62% of the vote, compared to about 33% for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump beat Clinton by about 4,000 votes.

Last nights reported total had Biden beating Trump 7769 – 4409.

And to add a little perspective on this, I would wager that at least 4500 Antrim County folks were present for the Trump Rally Monday.  In fact the county is SO PRO TRUMP, they sent logging trucks to assist in the rally prep, providing additional walls for the event and protection of our President.

Anyone familiar with this part of the state would immediately recognize the numbers as being suspect.  It certainly calls for a complete and intensive investigation, and reminds us that election integrity in Michigan is not guaranteed.  Officials might claim that the system worked and we caught it this time, but somehow this rings a little untrue.  What would have happened I wonder – if the predisposition of the county to the GOP was less known?

At this point a look around the state needs to be done. Each county needs to be audited immediately.  If this type of ‘technical’ error could happen in Antrim, what happens if it happens elsewhere, but the results are not quite as obvious?  Or in a number of OTHER elsewheres for that matter?

Then there is the little issue of ballots that are invalidated.

Stories are surfacing from around the country where people have been given sharpie pens for marking their ballots.  What might have seemed like a good idea by some election officials might actually be a problem in some precincts.  The sharpie is black and dark, but it also can bleed through to the other side.

For many, this is a concern.  What might happen if those marks interfere with another vote, or mistakenly get counted, OR invalidate the ballot altogether?

There are a number of reporting efforts that suggest there should be no concern, however.  One story by the Arizona Republic Says No way!

Elections departments across Arizona said there was no controversy over Sharpies and that they have processes in place to ensure ballots are counted regardless of what kind of utensil is used to fill them out.

Still, the office of Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, asked questions of the Maricopa County Elections Department in a letter on Wednesday, saying it had received “hundreds of voter complaints regarding the use of Sharpie brand markers” at voting centers.

The story goes on to describe Sharpies as being superior for ballots because they dry fast.

But the complaints are plentiful and there are more than a few on Twitter claiming that their AZ ballots have not been counted (They have a tracking system) and incidentally used a Sharpie pen.  There are also some here in MI who have used the Sharpie, but wouldn’t know if their ballots were compromised.

There ARE people familiar with the equipment, and not surprisingly recommend AGAINST using the Sharpie for ballot marking however.  I reached out to a couple of TWP clerks in the region.  East Bay TWP Clerk Sue Courtade says “No, It’s been recommended to use an ink pen for years. We even bought black BIC pens in bulk for voter use.”

Whitewater Township Clerk Cheryl Goss was a little more direct, “Election vendors sell pens specifically made for ballot marking, and ballot instructions advise the use of a black or blue ball point pen to mark the ballot. Sharpie markers should not be used to mark ballots as the ink can bleed through to the back side of the ballot and interfere with accurate tabulation. “

One wonders again ..what might have really happened in Antrim? And what the hell is going on in the rest of the state?  Is it sharpies, messed up data tapes, straight up orchestrated fraud?

Nothing suspicious about the post office doing their best work at 3AM, right?

In news that will likely cast further doubt on the election results, tens of thousands of absentee ballots arrived in large U.S. Postal Service boxes at the TCF Center in Detroit, Mich. on Wednesday morning at 3:30 am. The TCF Center, formerly Cobo Hall, is where the absentee ballots are counted for Wayne County, which is the home of Detroit.

Readers might want to give a little supportive shout out to Pat Colbeck, who has been busting his ass watching that Tammany Hall cesspool of corruption as much as they allow.

Poll watchers are being kept away from being able to actually observe the ballots being counted.  Michigan’s criminal SOS has instructed them to keep back over 100′ in some cases.  When complaints were made by Colbeck and other Republican observers, the Democrat observers present mocked them saying “Hey we have to keep back too!”

Small comfort, right?

Its far form over folks. Antrim County has yet to report any corrections, JUST enough votes have now been found to defeat John James, and the state has been called for Joe Biden by most outlets now.  As planned.

If you have verifiable tips and information reporter@rightmi.com.






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  4 comments for “A ‘Glitch’

  1. B. Roubal
    November 4, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    What the F**k is going on. Over 12,000 supporters showed up for that Trump rally at Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport on Monday night. What the hell happened with those 12,000 votes for Trump. How did Antrim County had over 7,000 votes for Biden and only 4,900 votes for Trump!! What the F**k???

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    • B. Roubal
      November 4, 2020 at 8:07 pm

      Correction...only 4,500 votes for Trump from Antrim County??

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    November 4, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    It’s far from over. Ryan Fredrick from email coverup Detroit, her husband Jocelyn Benson, and Eddie Dugan “contact tracing” Whitmer staffer, son of mayor Dirty Mike Duggan, have a YUGE problem.

    It’s going down...

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  3. Sue Schwatrz
    November 5, 2020 at 9:43 am

    THen, there's the Traverse City USPS whistleblower who was instructed by his supervisor on 11/4/2020 to hand cancel the ballots in their possession with 11/3/2020. Video on Project Veritas. Then, there's the "odometer" on TC election machines, holding results of ALL ballots ever put through that machine. The odometer cannot be cancelled out. Then, there's a new rule that challenger credentials cannot be worn if they show a part affiliation. My said, MIGOP and I was ordered to remove it and given a sticker saying "challenger". So, how did they know which party was challenging in Detroit?

    Then, there's who owns the election machine software? Who owns the patents on the paper and specialized printing of the ballots? NOT US. The entire elections process is wholely privatized. Let's hope that the HLS isotope surfaces the fake ballots in a real timely basis here in MI.

    Then, there's John James. He won in 2018 and won in 2020. Fine tuning the election fraud, ain't gonna do it this time.

    Then, there's Obiden selling MI assets to Chyna and if he was arrested and sent to GITMO for treason in a timely fashion, we wouldn't be in this predicament now, would we? Let's not forget Snyder's trip to Chyna either.

    Lastly, any recounts, ANY, ANY WHERE IN THE COUNTRY, must be done by hand, which each ballot carefully scrutinized as being a legal ballot, by a legal voter. Again, I'm calling the clerk to see how my parents voted. They've been dead for ten years.

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