Are they even aware of what they’re selling?

So in the midst of all of the post-election analysis, we’ve heard the “experts” from other outlets drone on about why the 2018 Election went the way it did.

We’ve heard them tell us that this is the vaunted “Blue Wave” sweeping across America. Despite the rash of ballots “miraculously” showing up in places like Florida (and apparently now here) along with Arizona, democrats still only control the House.

We’ve been told that this is the year of the woman. Yet, I’m waiting to hear why superior candidates like Lang and Epstein didn’t benefit from this?

Finally, the media (or infotainment complex…take your pick), dredges up their favorite rationale for last Tuesday Night’s results: It’s all President Trump’s fault.

If you get past their self-created echo chamber, you might have noticed the marked lack of coverage of the rise in America’s economy that has taken place since the ‘16 election (far higher than any democrat or their sycophants claimed was possible) , unemployment numbers falling ACROSS THE BOARD, and a newfound respect for America around the world since a certain Chicago street hustler was no longer in a position to embarrass our Republic by bowing down to foreign leaders at every opportunity and generally showing no backbone with the same by conceding at every opportunity.

I’m going to bring up a topic that the so-called conservative policy wonks running the multitude of losing campaigns are loath to ask themselves.

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It’s no secret that the state and national Republican Party has this love/hate things going on with President Trump. They hated him until he beat out he 16 other candidates to become the front-runner against the democratic party’s self-anointed candidate HRC, then they loved him…until right after the election.

After the inauguration, things went back to business as usual for the Republican Party.

When Pres. Trump wanted to get a handle on the problem with Islamic-terrorism after the previous administration couldn‘t bring in “refugees“ fast enough, not only did a “republican-controlled” Congress stand in his way, but one member of Michigan’s own delegation shoved his head up his anal database much deeper than what was once though humanly possible.

When Pres. Trump wanted to address the ever-growing problem with illegal aliens by constructing a wall, we were given a laundry list of reasons of why it was politically impossible to pull of such a feat.

Just for the record, we are now looking at an invasion by a hostile foreign force due to this inaction.

“Mexican federal police and immigration agents were attacked with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks when migrants broke through a gate on the Mexican side of the border, but were prevented from entering. Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida said some of the attackers carried guns and firebombs.”

Their recent actions in Central America are not those of people seeking asylum.

Remember this is just after an election and the Republican Party controlled BOTH chambers of Congress and the White House.

When Pres. Trump wanted to block Planned Parenthood from the public checkbook, we were given yet another we were given a laundry list of reasons of why it was politically impossible to pull of such a feat.

Adding insult to injury, we still are not operating on a real budget, but rather limping along for several months under multiple continuing resolutions.

So much for fiscal responsibility.

We were told that one of the first things that Pres. Trump would do was to abolish Obamacare during first 100-days of his administration. Again, we were told by Republicans that it was not politically feasible to accomplish such a feat.

More on how that decision came back to bite the Republican Party several times over in a bit.

Last summer, the latest democratic party distraction was the issue of DACA, an unconstitutional program instituted by Pres. Obama to allow foreign nationals living here illegally to bypass the normal immigration process by tugging on people’s heartstrings instead of addressing the problem head-on.

The reaction from the Republican Congress?


I can go on, but the problem isn’t limited to just only DC.

Here in Michigan, we have a problem with Republicans who apparently misplaced their own copy of their party principles.

After Proposal 15-1 got nuked at the ballot, the Republicans who controlled BOTH chambers of the Michigan Legislature and the Romney Building, mistook that resounding “No” vote as justification to jam an equally unwanted tax and fee hike down Michigan Motorists throats whether we wanted it or not. Making matters worse, they baked in a perpetual tax hike into that package.

Despite widespread opposition to all things Obamacare, Michigan Republicans, at the behest of Republican Gov. Snyder brought that money pit here to Michigan when he instituted Syndercaid.

“Don’t worry”, we were told by Gov. Snyder. It shouldn’t go over 470k…tops!

“The federal government will by paying for this 100%“, he added. Notice how he downplayed that it would only last for three years.

Seriously, everyone! It’s just like FREE MONEY!!!


Nearly 700,000 people later, and growing, Snydercaid is slated to blow a huge hole in the state budget.

Then came another money pit. This one is a financial disaster created 100% by democrats. The City of Detroit and the Detroit Public School system.

Despite having plenty of assets that could’ve been liquidated to pay off Detroit’s debt, Not-yet Republican State Chairman Ron Weiser couldn’t stand the thought of selling off a building full of pretty pictures to pay for gross democratic party incompetence. He got on the phone, pulled the strings behind the scenes like a master puppeteer and got the Michigan Legislature to install an Emergency Manager who not only turned bankruptcy law on its head, but arranged for the Michigan Legislature to kick in several hundred million in state tax dollars to bail out Detroit.

Don’t worry, folks! You’ll thank me for spending your money on this boondoggle later!

A few years later, minus Ron Weiser, the state legislature whipped out the checkbook again to bail out the Detroit Public School system.

Did anyone notice a several hundred million increase in THEIR local city/township budget from Lansing? How about their local school district?

Republicans saved the democrats from their own stupidity by using Michigan Taxpayer money to pay for it.

THAT did not go unnoticed out-state.

And when the Michigan Republicans had the opportunity to do something for working Michigan Taxpayers, where were they?

It’s no secret that the more money Lansing takes in, the more it wants to spend.

Gov Snyder’s budget shot up from $47B in 2011 to $56B in 2018.

That’s much higher than the rate of inflation.

When Michigan Republicans had the opportunity to abolish the Michigan Income Tax once and for all, they orchestrated a little sabotage with the Dirty Dozen to prevent passage.

The Dirty Dozen will make another appearance a few months later when it came to addressing Michigan’s skyrocketing insurance costs.

Michigan Republican Rep. Lana Theis compounded an already bad situation by not only sitting on another package of bills to remedy high auto insurance rates, but when it was reported that she had done so because she was on the take from the insurance industry. Channel 7 in Detroit reported some damning information from campaign finance reports that placed Michigan Republicans in a bad light (again).

And speaking of doing things that look bad, remember when the democrats wanted to replace republican gerrymandering with democratic gerrymandering to fix the problem with gerrymandering once and for all (aka Prop 2). In order to do this, Proposal 2 would need to amend multiple sections of the Michigan Constitution. This didn’t work for RMGN when the democrats tried a similar tactic a few years earlier. The Michigan Supreme Court could’ve easily remedied this blatantly unconstitutional proposal just before the November election. However, in a feat of legal gymnastics to boggle the mind, Justices Viviano and Clement sided with the democrats and pulled their legal decisions out from their anal databases to do so.

Now, one would think that a decision would have negative repercussions, right?

Well, not exactly.

If I had to speculate, I’d wager that Ron Weiser himself instructed Jase Bolger act stupid at the 2018 GOP Convention in Lansing, ignore the deafening chorus of boos from the delegates when Elizabeth Clement’s name came up for nomination and gaveled her in by claiming unanimous consent.

Don’t think THAT went unnoticed.

The democrats certainly didn’t miss her support for them.

This leads me to the top of the ticket, the Republican Party flag bearer himself, one Bill Schuette.

This is the candidate that the grassroots should’ve been eager to rally around, except nothing could’ve been further from the truth.

Despite numerous opportunities to interact with Grassroots early on during the primary, he literally squander each and every opportunity that presented itself.

When LG Brian Calley announced a series of town halls across Michigan, Bill Schuette was a constant no show at each and everyone (but surprisingly had no problems with attending big-ticket fundraisers).

When local Republican Parties held debates, Bill Schuette was still a no-show.

After the primary, Bill Schuette felt that was the time to press the flesh.

The problem, according to “modern” political theory, you cannot advocate for a Conservative platform during a general election. Doing so will alienate the middle.

So, here is a candidate that waffles on his opposition/support for Obamacare.

Implicitly supports Obamacare by not only standing for large chunks of it, but by supporting Snydercaid as well.

Here is a candidate that claims to support higher spending for {fill-in-the-blank}. He has ruled out higher taxes, yet will not elaborate on what he intends to cut from the budget to pay for it.

Not that there isn’t anything to cut from the budget, but at the very least you can tell people that trade-offs WILL have to be made if you want increased funding.

Lansing cannot just print money like in DC.

It is required by our Constitution to pass a balanced budget.

THAT did not go unnoticed by the Grassroots.

Your stand on the issues makes no sense, sir.

I can go on, but I’d like to wrap this post up.

The above examples place the Republican Candidates in an untenable position.

You go out and campaign in front of the voters claiming one thing, yet right after winning your respective offices, you renege on practically every pledge and promise made to the voter.

Much like the boy who cried wolf, you can only realistically do that for so long before people don’t believe you.

Uh oh! They’re not buying what I’m selling any longer!

THAT is was happened last Tuesday.

This isn’t just my assessment of what went wrong , but what Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan said in a letter to House Republicans just a few days ago.

Sadly, there is no easy fix or remedy to this problem. Not only has the Republican Party lost the trust and faith of the Voters, but the democratic party will make sure that legislation in the state and federal level will go their way (or at the very least minimizing any detrimental effects to their core constituencies).

And with their control in how districts are now allocated, another given after the 2020 Census, and the “Independent” Citizens Redistricting Commission they bought and paid for, that most assuredly will be getting worse for at least the next decade.

Having a unchallenged primary for the 2020 Presidential Race will blunt some of the damage.

Unfortunately, I easily see the GOP screwing this up as well.

Don’t be too surprised when we put the “Lost Decade” to shame and make Michigan look more and more like Illinois.

Or, even California.

One can only surmise THAT is what they are trying to sell to Voters not only in Michigan, but across America as well

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  3 comments for “Are they even aware of what they’re selling?

  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 13, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    Bottom line: Ron Weiser oversaw the biggest ass-whoopin' the MI-GOP has had since 1936, when Governor, AG, and SoS, flipped from R to D.

    Let that sink in....

    You Betcha! (6)Nuh Uh.(0)
  2. Sue Schwartz
    November 13, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    I have stated in this space before--Michigan seems to be the testing Ground of what can and can't work. The gas tax with its tax in perpetuity is unconstitutional on so many fronts. Snydercare, same thing. Bailing out not only Detroit, but also the car companies--I still say WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

    Outrageous mandates in auto insurance, education, and our daily lives. . .

    Snyder allowing thousands of refugees back-funded by the U.N., to infiltrate here using tax payer funding.

    Property rights,
    etc. etc., etc...
    We had the opportunity and blew it.

    You Betcha! (4)Nuh Uh.(0)

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