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State Board of Ed Candidate Sonjalita Hulbert Attended ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rally in June

Recently, I was accused of gutter politics by Michigan state board of education candidate Sonjalita Hulbert for pointing out her history of supporting Black Lives Matter.

Hulbert posted a video response to my blog in which she suggested it is beyond the pale to hold a political candidate accountable to their on-the-record statements regarding pressing issues.

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Norm Shinkle – Joe Biden’s silence is enabling the Democrats’ alternate reality on riots

Joe Biden's silence is enabling the Democrats’ alternate reality on riots

We got a glimpse into the warped worldview of the far left  when a sitting Member of the U.S. Congress asked Attorney General Bill Barr why federal agents did not tear gas peaceful protesters who opposed Governor Whitmer’s coronavirus lockdown here in Michigan.

Many Democrats seem to be living in an alternate universe in which there are no masked and armed lunatics tearing down statues, attacking police officers and motorists, setting fire to cars, businesses, churches, police stations, and federal courthouses — and yes, shooting and killing people.

In this fabricated reality, the streets of Portland have not been illegally occupied by violent would-be revolutionaries every night for the past two months and counting. In this fantasy world, the utopian experiment that the Democrat mayor of Seattle dubbed a new “summer of love” did not end in utter disaster, with armed terrorists started shooting black teenagers within the police-free “paradise.”

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