Norm Shinkle – Joe Biden’s silence is enabling the Democrats’ alternate reality on riots

Joe Biden's silence is enabling the Democrats’ alternate reality on riots

We got a glimpse into the warped worldview of the far left  when a sitting Member of the U.S. Congress asked Attorney General Bill Barr why federal agents did not tear gas peaceful protesters who opposed Governor Whitmer’s coronavirus lockdown here in Michigan.

Many Democrats seem to be living in an alternate universe in which there are no masked and armed lunatics tearing down statues, attacking police officers and motorists, setting fire to cars, businesses, churches, police stations, and federal courthouses — and yes, shooting and killing people.

In this fabricated reality, the streets of Portland have not been illegally occupied by violent would-be revolutionaries every night for the past two months and counting. In this fantasy world, the utopian experiment that the Democrat mayor of Seattle dubbed a new “summer of love” did not end in utter disaster, with armed terrorists started shooting black teenagers within the police-free “paradise.”

Now, the Democrats’ sci-fi fiction casts federal law enforcement not as doing their job for the protection of United States employees and property, but as “stormtroopers” for purposes of perpetuating this alternate reality. They want the voters to believe that American police and American laws have suddenly been transformed into a Nazi occupation.

Attorney General Barr popped this bubble of denial when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee. The Republicans on the committee played reels of footage of the actual events on the ground, forcing liberal news outlets to broadcast the disturbing reality for the first time in two months of violent civil unrest.

But then Representative Pramila Jayapal — whose own district has been the scene of much of the worst violence and radicalism — quadrupled down on the insanity. In an angry rant posing as a question for the attorney general, Jayapal demanded to know why federal law enforcement officers weren’t out pepperballing the Michiganders who went to Lansing to protest Governor Whitmer’s stringent lock down rules, which — at the time — prohibited stores that were otherwise open from selling gardening supplies and other items that Whitmer decided were not “essential” during a public health crisis. In Jayapal’s telling, this sort of aggressive federal intervention would be justified — not because anyone broke any law, but because some of the protestors had Confederate flag logos … or something.

The answer to Jayapal’s asinine query is obvious to any Michigander. Police didn’t have to use force on the anti-lockdown protesters because they didn’t break any laws. They didn’t vandalize any property, public or private. They didn’t attack or hurt anyone. That is to say, the people protesting Gretchen Whitmer were, in fact, peaceful protesters — as were the pro-police protesters in Denver that Democrat officials allowed violent leftists to “shut down.”

How can Joe Biden, a man who theoretically wants to win Michigan this November, remain silent in the face of this sustained assault on law and order? Instead of condemning the radicals, he’s offering vague support for the “defund the police” movement.

Biden is clearly living in the same fantasy world as Rep. Jayapal and other far-left Democrats, and that alone should be enough to exclude him from the presidency.

Norm Shinkle is Chair of the Michigan 8th Congressional Republican District Committee.

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  1. Rick
    November 5, 2020 at 10:47 am

    This documented USPS fraud could be state wide and or nation wide. Explains the late night ballots. Please share it with Michigan's top leaders.


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