State Board of Ed Candidate Sonjalita Hulbert Attended ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rally in June

Recently, I was accused of gutter politics by Michigan state board of education candidate Sonjalita Hulbert for pointing out her history of supporting Black Lives Matter.

Hulbert posted a video response to my blog in which she suggested it is beyond the pale to hold a political candidate accountable to their on-the-record statements regarding pressing issues.

“I have spoke to several Republican groups across the state denouncing Black Lives Matter and its platform to dismantle families across this country,” Hulbert said.

“I am saddened that this garbage is being passed around when I have stood for this flag, served my country with purpose and greatness, and still, jumping in to serve despite the vitriol, despite the slander that is being spoken of me. This is absolutely disheartening,” she added.

While I mentioned that it was possible Hulbert changed her stance over the years, it does not seem like that is the case as Hulbert was recently profiled by the media for her support of Black Lives Matter. She bragged to the press about attending a BLM rally in June.

The always astute commentator, Corinthian Scales, posted a link to an MLive article in which Hulbert and her son were promoting Black Lives Matter and said they had attended a BLM rally in Kalamazoo:

One Lansing-area teenager attended the march with his mother. Chandler Boyd, 13, said he wanted to participate because “black lives matter.”

Boyd and his family recently moved to Lansing from Kalamazoo and still have family in the area, Sonjalita Hulbert said. Her young son wanted to make his voice heard and Friday’s youth-led march was a safe place to do so, Hulbert said.

“He’s very hurt,” Hulbert said of her son. The family is multi-racial and Hulbert is tasked with teaching her son about race relations in America.

“Raising a son in a multi-racial family is very challenging,” she said.

On the video from the rally that Hulbert bragged about attending, protestors can be seen with far-left signs and chanting marxist slogans like “No Justice, No Peace.” They can be seen angering townsfolk with their leftist agitating:

For the record, my initial article was never meant to denigrate Hulbert’s military service. As a matter of fact, there were no references to her patriotism in the original post at all. It was solely about Hulbert’s support for Black Lives Matter, which has apparently not waned over the years.

As of June, the BLM terror rampage had already been occurring for days. Buildings had been looted, cities had been burnt to cinders, monuments desecrated by thugs, innocent white people beaten and shaken down because of the color of their skin. And Hulbert still chose to attend the Black Lives Matter rally with her son, even after all this was occurring.

Please consider these facts when considering the state board of education candidates at the virtual Michigan Republican convention on Saturday.

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  4 comments for “State Board of Ed Candidate Sonjalita Hulbert Attended ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rally in June

  1. Corinthian Scales
    August 24, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Sonjalita Hulbert reminds me of another black Republican with military service: Colin 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Powell, who supported Obama in '08 & '12, Crooked Hillary in '16, and now, Creepy Joe Biden and Kamala #BelieveAllWomen Harris in 2020.

    That woman is nuts, and she sure is an atrocious public speaker. The best thing for children in Michigan, is that she remains far away from them, just like Hiden' your children from Biden.

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  2. KG One
    August 24, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    The mea culpa contained within that video, or more appropriately lack thereof, was all I needed to see to show that she isn't fit to be elected dog catcher, much less Michigan BoE!

    If she doesn't have the common sense to realize that placing any adjective before the words "lives matter" (unless it is the word "all"), automatically means that YOU ARE A RACIST, plain and simple!

    With November 3rd inching closer and closer, and the democrat flag bearer having to deliver an obviously edited pre-recorded speech last week, the other side is ratcheting things up even more in order to draw attention towards themselves and away from our President's re-election.

    They;re not going to like how things shake out after November 4th!

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    • Corinthian Scales
      August 24, 2020 at 10:04 pm

      You’re correct KG. Now imagine the embarrassment that she reached out to, to in the response to Shane.

      This is all silliness.

      She’s no color-blind American. It’s all a rootless game.

      Especially, in this state. I hope not but, watch the senate results. John showed his ass also.

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  3. maidintheus
    January 13, 2021 at 9:54 am

    This continued exercise in trying to take over their systems in which we have irreparably allowed them to own for scores of years is futile and worse than Chinese torture. Walking away works! I will quote myself: "I do not know why we continue to try to make them do the right thing, it is an attempt to negotiate with terrorist. They fricking own the education system and they steal the funding out at the top before you see a dime. The real problem is the man/woman in the mirror. Just walk the frick away! For all that is righteous, walk away! It may seem inconvenient and it will be, but it is WAY more convenient than what we have now. It is bs that good people refuse to do anything more than bla bla bla until they start killing off your loved ones or removing people from your favorite platform. I don't care if you have to home school and quit your job; surely choosing to lose your job is more convenient than the slow, agonizing loss of the past year. If we love children, it can't be a viable option to drop them off where they can be convinced to burn your city down and force you to quit selling books they don't like! WALK AWAY! Don't go on about them, simply walk away. If that seems too hard, your grandchildren will likely be punting with the same institution with the same success. Throw in some FairTax and there is no chance to become enslaved in their nets of convenience. "

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