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At least you won’t get the sniffles.

And right about now, the law of unintended consequences is kicking in (if you actually believe this was all really “unintended”).

What might this little factoid be, you may ask yourself?

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SEMCOG by the Numbers

Much like our great President Trump, calling this the China virus, of which, most of our ills have originated from China, ever since THIS man pushed the lie, I have never shied away from calling things out as obvious truth.

Information from State data as of March 21, 2020.

Livinston County- 3

Macomb County- 86

Monroe County- 3

Oakland County- 184

St. Clair County- 7

Washtenaw County- 16

Wayne County & Detroit City- 216 (all 3 deaths to date)

Total- 515 or, 93.8% of all confirmed cases of the China virus.

If there were ever a debate to be made for a quarantine in this state- SEMCOG is it. They probably need to be cordoned off from the rest of us Michiganians before they spread it further.

Not popular but, truth. First thing that greets you on their homepage….


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