At least you won’t get the sniffles.

And right about now, the law of unintended consequences is kicking in (if you actually believe this was all really “unintended”).

What might this little factoid be, you may ask yourself?

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So, what do you get when you shut down the entire public school system statewide (which adversely affects the businesses supported by them), decimate the service sector by ordering a mandatory shut down and throw in for good measure a large section of Michigan’s manufacturing sector which has taken it upon itself to shut down its own operations due to the Corona paranoia which has taken over not only Michigan, but America as well?

If your answer was: You tank the US Economy…Ding, Ding, Ding!

Give Brainiac the fluffy doll!

In what should’ve been so blatantly obvious that even Little Stevie Wonder could see it coming a mile away, Michigan’s Unemployment numbers shot up geometrically this week. According to Crain’s Detroit Business, Michigan jobless claims as of last Monday shot up from the neighborhood of 1,300-1,600 claims, to about 5,400.

It should be noted, that I said “about” due to the fact that a bureaucrat within the Trump Administration has requested that individual states only release “fuzzy” unemployment numbers in order to not spook the markets.

Well, too late for that, Skippy. The horses have already left the barn.

Next week’s numbers will very likely be much worse due to the fact that not only has MARVIN went tango uniform, but other states UI systems are/have failed spectacularly.

***Update #1: Those jobless claim numbers above were hilariously inaccurate.***

Things don’t look too good for Michigan’s Economy.

What can the democrats here in Michigan do?

Why, follow the teachings of other progressives/socialists/marxists, that’s what!


Nope, try Rahm Emanuel.

Anyone remember his famous axiom, “You never want a serious crisis to go waste.”

Well, guess what the democrats in the Michigan Legislature are up to?

Michigan State Representatives Laurie Pohutsky, Cara Clemente, Padma Kuppa, Abdullah Hammoud, Darrin Camilleri and Mari Manoogian have taken his teachings to heart are have introduced legislation to combat this (self-created) crisis.

Rep. Kuppa introduced HB-5628 on March 12th to expand earned paid sick time. It has been referred to the House Commerce and Tourism Committee.

Rep. Clemente has proposed HB-5629 to develop a model pandemic and response plan for governmental entities. It has been referred to the House Health Policy Committee.

Rep. Hammoud submitted HB-5630, HB-5631 & HB-5632. HB-5630 would request Huwan Virus reporting requirements and coverage for the uninsured. HB-5631 would create a “Pandemic Relief Fund” which would be used to cover wage loss. HB-5632 would require Medicaid coverage for the Huwan Virus with no deductibles. All three were referred to the House Health Policy Committee.

Rep. Camilleri offered HB-5633 which would require private insurance to cover all related costs of the Huwan Virus with no deductibles. This was also referred to the House Health Policy Committee.

Rep Pohutsky presented HB-5669  & HB-5670. Which would implement price controls during a state of emergency. This was referred to the House Regulatory Reform Committee.

Finally, Rep. Manoogian presented HR-242, which can only be described as a powderpuff bill. It essentially asks the federal government to give the state government money to combat the Wuhan Virus.

I cannot help but wonder if anyone told Rep. Manoogian how the federal government is funded.

On that note, the elephant in the room that no one, at least up in Lansing, is willing to address; What happens when you have an inexcusably large number of Michiganians who aren’t working? Sure, you have the obvious things like people being unable to make the car payment, house payment, credit card payment, utility payments, etc. And don’t expect those same people to be out there supporting the local economies…they have very little/no money coming in. Not through any actions of their own, but through the recalcitrant actions of the governor who has taken it upon herself to destroy our state’s economic well-being.

But, she has “done something”…right?


More specifically, what do those same number of Michiganians not working mean to Lansing bottom line?

Those people who aren’t working, aren’t working because their employers have let them go (although they might have to, if she keeps this up for very long). They aren’t working because IT WAS THE GOVERNOR HERSELF who said that they could not work.

How she intends to pay for all of those weekly UI benefits ($362/week/person which IS taxed, BTW) shouldn’t be forced upon Michigan Businesses due to her careless actions. There’s going to be a reckoning when that bill comes due, and I highly doubt that the Michigan Chamber is going to sit idly by and just eat that cost.

Not only will Lansing have to address that financial hit to its own bottom line, but also how it intends to pay its bills with significantly less money coming into its coffers?

But, at least she “did something”…right?

Stay tuned.

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  3 comments for “At least you won’t get the sniffles.

  1. Corinthian Scales
    March 21, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    KG, just remember, we all are resting in the good hands of Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun.

    Diversity is our Strength™



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  2. KG One
    March 21, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    Oh yeah, Michigan own chief law enforcement officer will get right on that case,
    immediately after she gets another 15-minutes of fame for her pointless grandstanding.

    I'm surprised that she hasn't upped her game and delivered one of these in person to Dearborn with a news crew in tow?

    It will be hilarious to see how the locals treat her when she walks into in one of those stores.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      March 21, 2020 at 1:21 pm



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