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MiCPAC – Janine Hansen

Thought provoking analysis on the possibility of an Article 5 convention in our time.

Janine Hansen is the Nevada Chair for Eagle Forum, and is their national constitutional issues chair.

She is a constitutional expert who heads up a task force to address the misguided move toward a constitutional convention.  In this video, she speaks on the status of the Article 5 convention effort, and also on the National Popular Vote.

Its a half hour well spent.

More videos from the 2016 MiCPAC coming soon.

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Why not Trump?

Donald Trump is currently leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination. What should conservatives think of this?
THE GOOD Trump has attacked political correctness and skewered some deserving targets, from Jeb Bush to Bill Clinton. He also brought greater prominence to immigration issues and pushed the debate on these issues to the right.
THE ISSUES So where does Trump stand on the issues? With the exceptions of trade and eminent domain, he doesn’t seem to have been consistent on any issue. Most positions have changed over time, and some seem to vary from day to day or even minute to minute.
ABORTION In 1999, Trump said “I’m pro-choice” and refused to support a partial-birth abortion ban, citing his “New York background”. He claims to have become pro-life (with exceptions) a few years ago. He has continued to praise Planned Parenthood for its non-abortion services during the campaign.
GUN RIGHTS Trump once said that “I hate the concept of guns” and supported banning “assault weapons” and waiting periods. During his campaign, he has taken pro-gun positions.
TAXES In 1999, Trump advocated a 6 trillion dollar wealth tax to eliminate the national debt. More recently, he has said the plan was good at the time, but is now impractical. During the campaign, Trump has proposed a tax plan that has mostly been well-received by conservatives.
HEALTH CARE Trump has pledged to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. But replace it with what? Trump has praised socialized medicine in Canada and Scotland in the past. He seems to advocate this for America as well, calling for government to pay for everyone.

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The Choking Stench of Corrupted Power Is Spreading

I’m damned near ecstatic that suddenly awake and justice-jawing Atty General Bill Schuette is hot on the trail of the alleged Bonnie and Clyde of the State Capitol- Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.

I can sleep so much better now, knowing that small fry political flies in the progressive GOP ointment are being so righteously and profoundly pilloried once again.

Lord knows those two are the only two crooks in town!

But of significantly greater importance, I’m troubled by nightmarish concerns regarding the disturbing lack of an investigation that Michigan’s Captain Crime Fighter has been guilty of, which IMO, makes him an accessory after the fact regarding the state’s monument to government crime and corruption- the slime slathered Senate Office Building scandal that 10 million citizens are still waiting for.

Repeat after me: C O V E R U P ?

*Cue Lynard Skynard’s “That Smell”…………..Oooooh that smell, can’t ya smell that smell, Oooooh that smell!

Atta boy, Bill- start really small and maybe- just maybe, work your way up to the blatantly big stuff like multi-million taxpayer dollar fraud, racketeering and embezzlement of the public treasury by, quite coincidentally, members of your friends and financial supporter’s witness protection program!

Mr Schuette, this isn’t going away, we aren’t going away, and I assure you that this is gonna dog your Midland Royal Family ass for years to come- if you think a rich band of thieves affiliated with the MiGOP are gonna get off scott-free because of political expediency.


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