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Gross Incompetence or Corrupt Lawman?

While Gov. Rick Snyder’s Relentless Poisonous Actions are discovered to be increasingly insidious, he’s not the only political cockroach running for cover when the disinfecting light of day occasionally penetrates the dark, dank recesses of the Lansing oligarchy.

The Michigan Attorney General’s duties are clearly mandated, and he is REQUIRED to represent the best interests of the citizens of Michigan, and to uphold the State and US Constitutions- not the Governor or his wants and needs.

Sadly, five years worth of opportunities to choose right over wrong has shown us a disturbing pattern of bad choices made by Michigan Atty General Bill Schuette.

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The Choking Stench of Corrupted Power Is Spreading

I’m damned near ecstatic that suddenly awake and justice-jawing Atty General Bill Schuette is hot on the trail of the alleged Bonnie and Clyde of the State Capitol- Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.

I can sleep so much better now, knowing that small fry political flies in the progressive GOP ointment are being so righteously and profoundly pilloried once again.

Lord knows those two are the only two crooks in town!

But of significantly greater importance, I’m troubled by nightmarish concerns regarding the disturbing lack of an investigation that Michigan’s Captain Crime Fighter has been guilty of, which IMO, makes him an accessory after the fact regarding the state’s monument to government crime and corruption- the slime slathered Senate Office Building scandal that 10 million citizens are still waiting for.

Repeat after me: C O V E R U P ?

*Cue Lynard Skynard’s “That Smell”…………..Oooooh that smell, can’t ya smell that smell, Oooooh that smell!

Atta boy, Bill- start really small and maybe- just maybe, work your way up to the blatantly big stuff like multi-million taxpayer dollar fraud, racketeering and embezzlement of the public treasury by, quite coincidentally, members of your friends and financial supporter’s witness protection program!

Mr Schuette, this isn’t going away, we aren’t going away, and I assure you that this is gonna dog your Midland Royal Family ass for years to come- if you think a rich band of thieves affiliated with the MiGOP are gonna get off scott-free because of political expediency.


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When Rulers Play, and the Rights They Slay

Are Michigan courts so easily compromised?

harry-martinI want to put a finer point on recent activities seen in the judicial system of the banana republic of Michigan.

While observing the actions of Asst AG Harry Martin just prior to him throwing in the State’s towel on the Mark Baker case, the untrained eye easily recognized the disdain being heaped upon a private citizen in a courtroom.

But there was considerably more on display, and I’d like to point it out to you.

All attorneys are required to live and work in accordance with a Code of Ethics. The Code is written, very specific, and well-known to all who have passed the bar exam, and to many who did not. At no time is an attorney allowed to address another attorney’s client without the express permission of the clients attorney, and it must also be in the presence of the client’s attorney so the client is protected.

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GOP Party Unity – Fact or Fiction

We ask: "Wouldn't it be better for the party if David Trott were to actually challenge a Democrat?"

Trott_DavidbentivolioFabulously wealthy foreclosure attorney and generous friend of the GOP, David Trott, decides it’s time to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a United States Congressman.

He claims to be conservative, and Lord knows we need all we can get in Congress, so that should be a huge and appealing plus. But, instead of throwing his considerable assets and resources at a vulnerable and flaming liberal Congressman Sander Levin, who is older than dirt and an avowed leftist- Mr. Trott would instead prefer to challenge one our own, GOP freshman Congressman Kerry Bentivolio.

Granted, Trott does live in Bentivolio’s 11th Congressional District- but just barely.

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