Gross Incompetence or Corrupt Lawman?

While Gov. Rick Snyder’s Relentless Poisonous Actions are discovered to be increasingly insidious, he’s not the only political cockroach running for cover when the disinfecting light of day occasionally penetrates the dark, dank recesses of the Lansing oligarchy.

The Michigan Attorney General’s duties are clearly mandated, and he is REQUIRED to represent the best interests of the citizens of Michigan, and to uphold the State and US Constitutions- not the Governor or his wants and needs.

Sadly, five years worth of opportunities to choose right over wrong has shown us a disturbing pattern of bad choices made by Michigan Atty General Bill Schuette.

A Michigan state agency worked hand in hand with a very large Michigan political player/donor to put it’s competitors out of business by writing an unconstitutional Declaratory Ruling and then had it dropped on Michigan small farm families.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette ignored his constitutionally-mandated job description and not only supported the agency’s position, but threatened the victimized families with prison terms and fines of nearly $1 million- for failing to destroy their private property in order to comply with the Gov. Snyder regime’s decree that was later ruled unconstitutional in a federal judge’s scathing opinion.

Next came a halfhearted, or some would say dimwitted, defense of Michigan’s Defense of Marriage Act.

While I believe the lost case was politically engineered by Attorney General Bill Schuette, a very highly regarded Cooley Law School Constitutional Law Professor sat through that trial and saw it differently. He told me it was plain old gross incompetence that lost that case- but added that I may well have determined the actual motivation behind it.

It must be noted that during this time, mega donor and MiGOP puppeteer Dick DeVos’ right hand man “married” his longtime gay lover, as well as the fact that TWO US Supreme Court Justices had previously performed gay “marriages”, and therefore both should’ve recused themselves from the gay “marriage” trial.

Those facts gave Schuette specific and highly unique legal rights to challenge the Supreme Court opinion forcing the entire country to honor gay “marriages” many states had previously outlawed.

But of course, he confounded legal experts nationwide by choosing not to. Cough cough DeVos?

Not long ago, it was learned that a major GOP donor and Michigan political player had sold an office building to be used as the new Michigan Senate office building, and NO APPRAISAL WAS DONE on the building.

The State Capitol City Assessor concluded the building was sold to the taxpayers for at least $20 million over and above the fair market value.

While most 7 year olds would immediately see and question the potential for collusion, conspiracy and fraud, We The People’s Legal Beagle Bill Schuette never bothered to investigate that very large and very important GOP donor- or his government cronies involved in this disturbing raid on the public treasury.

I’ve never run for Governor, but I hear it takes lots of campaign cash.

Sadly, Schuette’s questionable judgment didn’t end there.

Did you notice how late in the game Schuette entered the Flint Water Crisis as the People’s Defender?

Or how about his recent grandstanding regarding charges against former Survivor show star Michael Skupin for child porn and racketeering?

Strangely, Schuette WAITED A COUPLE YEARS to throw the book at Skupin, even though the child porn was discovered early on while investigating Skupin’s laptop for running an alleged Ponzi scheme.

To be fair, Skupin had been pursued by MiGOP apparatchiks to run for Congress in the past, Party Over Principle IS the norm in Lansing, Schuette IS Party Loyal and he did eventually pull the trigger on a child porn aficionado- albeit A COUPLE YEARS AFTER DISCOVERY.

Schuette’s curious behavior causes one to wonder why.

Could it possibly be for the same reason that he’s yet to be concerned about even more citizens being poisoned- due to Gov. Rick Snyder not wanting bad news popping up during his recent and uncomfortably close race for re-election?

But what’s in it for Schuette?

It’s no secret that Bill Schuette very much has his eye on being Michigan’s next Governor, and for nearly all career politicians, becoming the Governor of a large state is definitely Bucket List territory.

Guess who becomes our new Governor if Rick Snyder leaves office before his final term expires- due to public pressure or criminal charges resulting from a thorough, timely and competent investigation by one Atty General Bill Schuette?

That would be current Lt. Governor Brian Calley, who is already quite popular among the electorate and legislature as well.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Bill Schuette’s well-known, longtime desire to be Governor pretty much goes up in Snyder career smoke- if he had to challenge a Schuette-caused incumbent Gov. Brian Calley in a few short years.

Anyone surprised Schuette refuses to investigate the latest poisonings, or the incredible and very disturbing fact that MIRS and Gongwer news services strangely decided to not publish the revelations of widespread livestock and fowl feed AND human food supply contamination- yet published considerably more mundane information offered at the same public meeting?

Without doubt, an obvious and quite disturbing pattern has now become apparent, and no amount of “look over here” antics and public displays of “Schuette on duty” will change the facts of what he’s already done- or failed miserably at doing.

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  7 comments for “Gross Incompetence or Corrupt Lawman?

  1. Corinthian Scales
    March 28, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Keep spreading the word, Mr. Bos. You've got more than enough Schuette history I assembled on here to work with for demonstrating what a shitbag Bill is.

    This tho...

    "Lt. Governor Brian Calley, who is already quite popular among the electorate and legislature as well."

    Popular among the electorate? Really? If so, then I've grossly underestimated how many Cucked faggots are in this state and deserve the government they're getting - good and hard.

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  2. isabelle terry
    March 29, 2016 at 11:34 am

    I've personally spoken with the AG and he has said to me that his job is to represent the State of Michigan's best interest. He does not see justice as his mission. He has lost his way.... which is a nice way of saying that he is corrupt. Personally, he is a very nice man. But as another patriot pointed out... while the AG was pouring coffee around at an event: it's coffee that someone else paid for.

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  3. isabelle terry
    March 29, 2016 at 11:36 am

    we need someone else besides Calley or the AG to run for Governor of Michigan.... like say.... a statesman

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    • Corinthian Scales
      March 29, 2016 at 8:29 pm

      Um, do you mean a "statesman" as in the mold of what Lennox refers to as a statesman - Bill Milliken? If so, then no, piss on that and, the old bastard whose been cheating the Grim Reaper for the past 94 years. Matter of fact, I've also had my fill of Bible thumpers. If it ain't Todd and Cindy who can't keep from bumpin' uglies what espousing their pious crap on everyone else, then it's the booger eating Canadian Cruzman Sachs banging hatchet-faced broads. Tho, cheaTed hiding behind the iCarly's skirt yesterday when he couldn't deny he is porking Levin's employee Carpenter was priceless. Maybe if ejaculaTed sent another $500K to iCarly, she'd call him daddy, too!

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  4. 10x25MM
    March 29, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Feds Charge 12 Detroit Public Schools Principals and 2 Administrators in $ 1 million Kickback Scheme

    Why can't our AG find any of the thieves who are costing Michigan taxpayers a fortune? Our State Legislature is being bullied herded into providing the Detroit Public Schools $ 700 million Michigan tax dollars. Here is why DPS needs that money:

    Feds charge 12 Detroit principals in $1M kickback scheme

    In its latest crackdown on school corruption in Detroit, the federal government today launched a legal bomb targeting 12 current and former Detroit Public School principals, one administrator and a vendor — all of them charged with running a nearly $1-million bribery and kickback scheme involving school supplies that were rarely ever delivered.

    The vendor at the heart of the alleged scheme is Norman Shy, owner of Allstate Sales — which sells school supplies and items including auditorium chairs and raised-line paper. He is charged with paying $908,500 in kickbacks to at least 12 DPS principals who used him as a school supply vendor in exchange for money.

    According to court records, here’s how the scheme worked.

    Principals steered millions of dollars worth of business to Shy, who in turn would give them money for helping make the deals possible.

    The principals would certify and submit phony invoices to DPS for the school supplies. Shy got paid, but the goods were rarely delivered, only sometimes “for the purpose of making the transaction paper legitimate.”

    This leaves $ 699 million of your money on the table for future thefts. Remember what Governor Granholm's Emergency Manager Robert Bobb said about DPS:

    “Indeed, I found Detroit Public Schools to be a magnificent vessel of wholesale theft and graft. Not one area of management escaped the thieves and defrauders: One high school food service worker stuffed as much as $200 daily from lunchroom sales into her apron and bra. A teacher and her mother, a contract accountant, placed $500,000 worth of orders for supplies from a sham company they had created. Ten people collectively stole more than 1,500 laptops. Even sworn police officers assigned to my security detail committed fraud, submitting phony overtime reports.”

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    • Corinthian Scales
      March 29, 2016 at 3:11 pm

      If that jagoff couldn't find rent-a-trains, a $44M nerd's cousin furniture contract and, pay-to-play moonslime schemes, then why the hell would you expect him to find a mill in Detoilet?

      Give it up, 10x25MM.

      There ain't no creepy ass cracka with career politician aspirations going to be poking his nose into 83% black Detoilet. Besides, Schuette violated our state's constitution during the Orr hiring process, just click on the "Tuesday Edition" link within.

      They're all corrupt.

      The end.

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  5. Corinthian Scales
    March 30, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    Was just yesterday, I mentioned Lennox-



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