Michigan’s 1st Incarcerated State Senator?

So much for the plea?


Senator Virgil Smith is headed to the hokey pokey.  Not removed PRIOR to being criminally charged, Smith is now heading to jail with full pay and bennies?

And he actually endangered people.

Smith was allowed to plead guilty to malicious destruction of property greater than $20,000 for allegedly firing shots at his ex-wife’s Mercedes Benz in May 2015. The charge, a felony, carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

Guess he never threatened THESE GUYS, right?


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  1. Corinthian Scales
    March 28, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    Meanwhile in the MI-GOP backyard...


    Way to go Team Magic Underpants!

    “Ross was integral in the creation of the MI Team Dashboard, and continues to work on improving that one-of-a-kind tool,” stated MRP Chairman Romney McDaniel. “He also maintains MIGOP.org, our microsites, social media accounts, and blast email operation. His help with digital ads and data collection will be very valuable toward our efforts to win in 2016.”


    You know, I cannot think of a name in the Republican Party more despicable than Romney. Well, maybe Milliken, however, that old Kerry, Obama and Granholm, endorsing bastard was never a player on the level that George Romney and his buttbuddy Nelson Rockefeller were.

    And y'all went and elected Romenycare Mittens niece as your Party's chair?

    It's really not a wonder why some no impulse control 'muh dik' Democrat answering his door in the middle of the night naked to his ex-wifey not digging a 3-way so he decides to bust some caps in her Benz easily triggers Repubs.

    I mean... Gosh.

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